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How do WrinkleMD Brow HA Infusion Patches help reverse signs of ageing?

WrinkleMD Brow HA Infusion Patches are a pack of 8 patches that should ideally be used as part of Deep Infusion System. These patches are infused with concentrated boost of peptides and medical grade-Hyaluronic Acid that are transferred into your skin.

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is abundantly present in younger skin and as we enter our 40s, our skin loses 80% of HA and as a result, our skin starts to lose the elasticity and becomes wrinkly as a result in certain areas. Most dermatologists use HA as a primary ingredient in most wrinkle fillers. By using WrinkleMD Brow HA Infusion Patches you can help replenish any lost HA and achieve a younger looking skin conveniently at home and that too without needing any professional aid.

How do I apply WrinkleMD Brow HA Infusion Patches?

Applying WrinkleMD Brow HA Infusion Patches is simple and easy to do, we recommend to follow the directions.

  • Clean and dry your skin properly before applying the patches. It is also recommended to prep your skin by cleansing it with the Infusion Skin Prep.
  • Following the cleansing session with the Infusion Skin Prep, attach the connector buds to the patches and then apply them. Leave the patches on for 30 minutes and then dispose.
  • Finish up the session by applying Youth Serum HA to extend the youthful skin benefits.
  • In the first week, you may use WrinkleMD Brow HA Infusion Patches twice a week maintaining an interval of 2-4 days. Following the first week of sessions, then continue to use the product just once a week as maintenance.

Is WrinkleMD Brow HA Infusion Patches a safe to use anti-ageing product?

WrinkleMD Brow HA Infusion Patches do not possess any known side effects and each patch is infused with only medical grade HA and proprietary peptides. All you would experience is a gentle tingle, which is a sign that the system is working. However, should you experience any major discomfort, discontinue using the patches immediately.