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where to spray perfume

Perfume is, hands-down, one of the most elegant staples of female beauty. Feminine, mysterious, and utterly unforgettable, a woman’s fragrance is incredibly personal and a secret weapon to wield carefully. Going overboard and spraying it all over will give the opposite effect you’re looking for and borders on obnoxious. No, perfume needs to be used strategically, in key places hidden on a woman’s body that only you know about. That way, the scent envelopes those around you in a pleasant way only when they come close enough, without being overwhelming. Here is where to spray perfume, for best results.

1. Behind the ears/neck

Behind the ears and neck is a classic spot for perfume application, for the simple reason that it’s a pulse point. That means that it’s going to spread the scent every time it pulsates. In addition, it’s hidden, so it’s a nice surprise for when you tuck your hair behind your ears or when a lover gets close to the nape of your neck. Perfume can be a very sensual tool, so use it to your advantage.

2. In your hair

Perhaps a less orthodox method, spraying perfume in your hair can dry it out a bit. However, the effect can be totally worth it. Make sure you don’t spray it from up close, but from a distance of about 20 cm. Alternatively, you can spray it in the air, above your head, and allow it to fall down and settle into your hair. The advantage of using it like this is that you’re going to smell great every time you flip your hair.

3. Along your collarbones

You may have never heard of spraying perfume around your collarbones, but it’s actually a pretty clever way to do it. You see, while it’s an exposed area, the “dip” your collarbone creates allows the perfume to settle and will smell wonderful for a prolonged amount of time. This is for your benefit, as much as for the people around you.

4. Behind your neck

Now, why would you ever need to smell good behind your neck? Pretty weird, right? Not when you really think about. You see, you spray it in that area, but it ends up being covered by your hair and maybe a collar. That means it stays hidden and the scent will linger. And when you put your hair up, voila – you’re suddenly surrounded by an excellent-smelling halo.

5. In your cleavage

This one’s a bit cheeky, but it works, so it’s worth taking into consideration. Your cleavage is one of those areas that’s half hidden, half exposed. You want to add a little something-something there, but without being overwhelming. A spritz between your breasts will linger for a long time, because it will be amplified by the heat of your body, as well as staying hidden nestled under your shirt. And if a special someone ends up close to this area on your body…they’re in for a very nice surprise.

6. On your wrists

Another one that’s a traditional spot everyone knows about. It serves the same purpose as the nape of your neck – it’s a pulsating area – but it’s up to individual preference. If you end up with your hands near your face often, the scent might become overwhelming, so you don’t have to use it here, if it’s too much for you. If you do enjoy perfume on your wrists, however, make sure to apply it from a distance, and whatever you do, don’t rub or tap your wrists together. That destroys the smell, because it breaks down the perfume molecules. Allow it to dry down and settle, and try not to touch the area too often.

7. Inside your elbows

Why would you ever need your elbows to smell good? Well, why not? As I mentioned, when trying to determine where to spray perfume, think about the spots where you have a pulse; if you didn’t know, the inside of your elbows is one of them.

8. Around your navel

I’m not saying your belly button will become exposed out at any point during your day or night, but if it will, applying perfume here is a good idea. This could also be an interesting thing to try if you wear crop-tops and have your midriff exposed already. It adds a little something-something to help you stand out from the crowd.

9. Behind your knees

This hidden spot is not very well-known, but it comes out once in a while in lists like this. Supposedly, Old Hollywood actresses were all about applying perfume to this area, since it’s appropriate for wearing dresses and such. In the summer, especially, this will produce a very alluring effect.

10. Down your back

This one is perfect if you don’t want your scent to be too overwhelming, especially during the day, or at work. Just pull your shirt back and spray your fragrance between your skin and your clothes. This will “trap” the scent and make it last a lot longer, while ensuring you maintain a light, faint-smelling perfumed halo throughout the entire day.

Extra perfume application tips:

  • Don’t use too much – Perfume is meant to be applied sparingly; more is not more. In fact, “more” can lead to headaches and flaring up people’s allergies. Be respectful and reasonable and apply common sense to your perfume application. One single spritz in each place is enough.
  • Be mindful of the occasion – Perfume is not entirely appropriate in all occasions, and not all perfumes are appropriate for all occasions. Choose stronger or lighter perfumes, depending on the season, time of day, the people you’ll be around, etc. For example, don’t wear a heavy, musky perfume to brunch with your grandma or a baby shower, and don’t wear the sporty fragrance you wear to the gym to a black-tie event.
  • Keep a mini version of your signature perfume in your bag – Whether the scent fades throughout the day, you go out right after work, or you have an unexpected sleepover, you might find yourself in need of a scent refresh, so keep a rollerball with you for reapplication, if the situation warrants it. You’ll be glad you have it.

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