Useful Hair Removal Tips

Facial hair can be a delicate subject for women, and for good reason. No one wants to admit that they have excess hair on their face whether it’s a moustache or a mono-brow or bring it up to ask how to remove it. We could all use some useful hair removal tips offered without shame or judgement. At the end of the day, it’s just hair, and if its removal that can make you feel beautiful and confident, why be ashamed about it? Here are some useful hair removal tips from the beauty specialists here at Lé Luna.


The “safest” route for getting rid of a moustache seems to be to not actually remove it, per se, but to lighten it, so that the peach fuzz is no longer as visible or stark against your skin.

PRO: Bleaching is quick, painless, and it doesn’t really have any adverse short-term or long-term effects. It’s pretty harmless and unobtrusive, as far as hair “removal” goes, because no hair is actually being removed. That’s why it’s usually a method employed by tweens and teens.

CON: The hair is not actually removed, so you can still feel it, or even see it, in certain lights. In addition, it’s not particularly long-lasting, as the dark hair is going to continue to grow.

Works best for: Peach fuzz or moustache

Extra tip: Make sure to do a patch test before you apply any bleach on your skin, in case you’re allergic or your skin is sensitive. Never leave the bleach more than the recommended amount, lest you want a different kind of issue on your hands.

Hair removal creams

A step further than bleaching, hair removal creams will actually chemically dissolve the hair on the area you apply them to. They usually need to act for 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the strength of your hair.

PRO: The creams are usually efficient and easy to use. You just spread it on the targeted area, wait for it to work, then wash it off. This is also a great option for tweens or teens who aren’t ready for other methods quite yet. Check out the Skin Doctors Hair No More System for more details.

CON: Hair removal creams tend to have a very strong smell that can be very off-putting, even when used on your legs. Having it on your face might just be a deal-breaker for a lot of women.

Works best for: Moustache, legs and intimate areas

Extra tip: Like the bleach, don’t leave the cream on for longer than the recommended time, because it might cause a rash. Also needs to be patch tested.


Shaving is one of the most basic types of hair removal, for men and women, and for all areas of the body.

PRO: Easy to do and instantly efficient, shaving is the go-to for many men and women, when it comes to facial hair removal. In addition, it’s also cheap and painless, and it only requires a razor and shaving cream or conditioner.

CON: While it’s efficient in a pinch, it’s not a long-term solution, as the hair start growing back immediately and can give the impression that it’s growing back thicker, darker and fuller, because you’re seeing the roots poking through. It can also produce ingrown hairs. All in all, not one of the most useful hair removal tips.

Works best for: WPeach fuzz, moustache

Extra tip: Make sure to moisturize and condition the area after using a razor, as it can irritate the skin and leave tiny, red bumps.


Almost all women have used a tweezer in their lifetime. Tweezing is a very commonly used method for shaping eyebrows.

PRO: It’s quick, easy and inexpensive, so anyone can do it, almost anywhere. It only requires a pair of tweezers and a mirror. Because you’re plucking the hairs, the roots come out with it, so it takes a few weeks for them to come back in.

CON: It’s painful and it’s a very detailed and precise job. Every hair needs to be plucked individually, so it can appear to be labour-intensive.

Works best for: Eyebrows

Extra tip: Pass an ice cube over your eyebrows before starting work on them, in order to numb the area and minimize the pain. Alternatively, do it fresh out of the shower, when your pores are open.


A very popular method amongst women especially, threading can seem like a complicated art-form to those who aren’t versed in it.

PRO: It’s a very efficient method that is also inexpensive, to boot. The process is simple and it literally only involves a piece of thread, so there are no chemicals to worry about. Like tweezing, threading removes the hair strand with the root, so the effects last for a good 4 to 6 weeks.

CON: It’s a method that not a lot of people know how to use, so you typically need to go to a salon and have someone do it for you.

Works best for: Eyebrows, moustache

Extra tip: Sometimes, the specialists will make house calls, if you don’t want to go to the salon each time you need a threading. You can usually learn about them based on recommendations.


Waxing is a prevalent method of hair removal among women of all ages, not only for facial hair, but also body hair. It can be done at home or at a salon, and you can use hot, liquid wax or cold strip wax.

PRO: This is one of the more effective types of hair removal, because it plucks the root, as well. It’s also quick and efficient, because it allows you to remove more hair in one go.

CON: Waxing is notoriously painful, and can be a bit rough for the sensitive skin on your face, so look out for redness and irritation. There is also a risk of burning yourself if you’re using hot wax.

Works best for: Eyebrows, moustache

Extra tip: Take care when attempting at-home waxing or going to a salon to have it done. It should reduce the pain and make the experience more tolerable.

Laser removal

The latest in hair removal technology, laser removal is quickly becoming a favourite method because its long-term, continued efficacy.

PRO: The main draw of this method is the fact that it’s supposed to be permanent. While that is not guaranteed, it’s definitely a very long-term solution.

CON: Laser removal is the most painful method of hair removal, and it’s also expensive, at least at this stage. You also need to have someone else do it for you, and it requires several different sittings, so it’s quite time-consuming. You can also use a home intense pulsed light device for effective hair removal, which is much cheaper then going to the salon.

Works best for: Eyebrows, moustache, peach fuzz

Extra tip: If you decide to get something lasered off, shop around first and look for sales and coupons; there are always salons that have groupons offering discounted rates or free appointments. If not that then try using an intense pulsed light device in the comfort of you own home. This can save you money and time in the long run compared to expensive salon treatments.

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