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Ultra Hair Away Spray

120ml Spray | Hair Inhibitor System
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What is Ultra Hair Away?

It’s designed to free women and men from costly time consuming trips to the salon and tedious hair removal attempts at home. Ultra Hair Away aims to progressively and neutrally stop unwanted hair regrowth by using advanced natural enzyme technology. It encourages smoother skin for longer in-between hair removal sessions and specifically helps tackle key problem areas on your body and face. This hair inhibitor cream has not only been designed to work hard on preventing hair growth, but to also be incredibly gentle and kind to your skin. Ultra Hair Away avoids using harsh chemicals and only integrates an exotic mix of plant enzymes into its unique and revolutionary formula. The hair inhibitor cream is incredibly easy to use and gets to work after just one spray.

How does it work?

In a similar way to male pattern baldness, Ultra Hair Away aims to inhibit hair growth. Essentially, mimicking natures own hair inhibitor system! When you lose hair through balding hair follicles shrink, encouraging each new hair to be thinner than the previous one, until no hair is left to grow. This can be brought on by blocked hair follicles. Such blockages in the follicle may also prevent new hair cells from getting through. Ultra Hair Away is made from natural plant enzymes known to saturate and penetrate hair follicles. Mainly, this interrupts the delicate follicles and helps to disable the cells responsible for unwanted hair regrowth. The Ultra Hair Away blend also aims to restructure hair follicles as well, so any hair that does grow back is often finer and lighter than before, making it much less noticeable.

Naturally, results tend to vary from person-to-person, depending on your hair type, colour and length. The Ultra Hair Away hair inhibitor cream has been designed to be site specific, which means you can target small and specific areas, such as between your eyebrows while feeling confident that it shouldn’t affect the hair on your actual eyebrows!

Who is it for and why should I use Ultra Hair Away?

Do you suffer from embarrassing hair? Dark hair? This hair inhibitor cream is ideal for both men and women who experience unwanted fuzz on their body. Or for those who feel that their confidence and life is taking the toll with trying to remove it constantly and it keeps on growing back just as bad as before! This clear and odourless spray aims to give you smoother and silkier skin that lasts.

Problem areas this hair inhibitor cream targets for women generally include:

  • Legs
  • Under arms
  • Bikini area
  • Facial hair

1 out of 3 men have issues with their bodily hair, the main problem areas include:

  • Back
  • Chest
  • Shoulders

It’s important to bear in mind when using this hair inhibitor cream that not only does it save you pain and time (and cost!) but it is not a depilatory. Depilatories can be very harsh on your skin. They often contain chemicals and acids known to inflame and irritate. Instead Ultra Hair Away uses natural ingredients that help keep your skin silkier for longer and lighten any hairs that do manage to come back.

Easy to use

Ultra Hair Away is incredibly simple and quick to use. Apply the hair inhibitor cream onto the areas of your body that you want to target and massage in for a few seconds. Carry out this simple routine twice a day for the initial week. You do not need to rinse off once it has been applied.

It is advised that you apply Ultra Hair Away to your skin immediately after hair removal. Once you have used the hair inhibitor cream for the first week, you will then only need to apply onto targeted areas once per day. Continue to use the spray once a day, until you have achieved the results you want. To maintain your look, simply use the Ultra Hair Away approximately twice per week.

Using your preferred method of hair removal, remove hair from all desired areas.

You can then apply the Ultra Hair Away cream as it will keep the hairs at bay.

Using Ultra Hair Away?

A bottle of this hair inhibitor cream will last different lengths of time, depending on the areas of the body you are targeting.

  • 7-8 weeks on small areas such as face / upper lip
  • 3-4 weeks on medium sized areas such as legs and chest
  • 1 week on your entire body

Safe to use

Ultra Hair Away has no known side effects and uses an all-natural formula. This hair inhibitor spray has been designed with safety in mind, although we always recommend you check the ingredients before use to ensure you aren’t allergic to any. If you are uncertain, please carry out a patch test before use.


Water, extractable fruit derivatives, polypropylene glycol, glycerol, disaccharides, urea, dithiothreitol, EDTA, methyl paraben and propylparaben.