TRX2 Thickening & Styling Cream

50ml Cream | Hair Enhancing Advanced Care
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What is the TRX2 Thickening and Styling cream?

This TRX2 tub of thickening and styling cream contributes to the wellbeing and maintenance of your hair’s hydration. By using organic elements such as pisum sativum peptide (a hair boosting pea protein), this cream promotes antioxidants and smoothing benefits to nurture your strands. Plus, this product is proud to be free of any synthetic fragrances or destructive dyes which may harm your hair in the long run.

As hair care producers who value world-class research to create their products, the TRX2 team try to maintain the hair’s natural movement once you have applied the cream. Overall, this gives the hair a suitable supply of nutrients which it needs for healthy growth.

How does the TRX2 Thickening and Styling Cream work?

  • Helps thicken up your towel-dried hair
  • Maintains natural movement and growth
  • Multi-dimensional use as its styles and hydrates

Start now to gain back your style with this practical tub of thickening cream! It is very simple to use and may be used on all hair types. If you’re really hunting for an answer to hair which craves hydration, let the tub help to tackle your texture!

Why choose the TRX2 Thickening and Styling cream ?

TRX2 is a multi-functional tub of texture. Mainly, it aims to increase your hair’s vitality by providing a healthy amount of nutrients and a sufficient amount of softening so that your hairstyle retains its natural bounce. These days, daily pollutants and harsh chemicals may really start to dry our hair out and make it appear brittle and weak, that’s why the TRX2 team are providing an advanced formula for the welfare of our hair.


Don’t go too overboard when applying this cream, all you need to do is work a small amount through (the root to tip) of your hair after it has dried and it is clean. What’s even better about this particular cream is you may use it even on wet hair and then simply go about your usual hair styling routine. You may use this TRX2 tub daily if you wish and it’s perfect to carry around with you anywhere on your travels, plus, an added bonus is that it may be used on all hair lengths, and hair types!

As a safe to use tub of vegetable protein, it has been dermatologically tested and has not been tested on animals. However, we recommend that you check the label for any ingredients which you may be allergic to. The formula itself aims to be non-sticky, non-greasy and non-oily but it is best to wash your hands after using this cream. Plus, it must be mentioned that this product is suitable for all skin types and may be used by both men and women.