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Top Tips on How to Professionally Straighten Your Hair

woman straightening hair

Super straight, silky and shiny hair is a dream come true. You can also achieve the same beautiful hair with simple straightening methods.

If you do not want to go for a more permanet method of straightening, then simple hair straightening is possible right at home. You can do the at home straightening methods without much hassle with the right tools and equipment like ghd straighteners, helping to boost your confidence!

Benefits Of Hair Straightening At Home

woman curling hair with straighteners

Relief from tangle and knot free hair

A common worry for women, especially with long hair is tangles and knots. It takes both time and patience to make the hair completely smooth however it is easier for those who choose to have their hair straight.

Experimental and optional

The option of temporary hair straightening is very flexible using home friendly devices like a ghd Straightener. If you think the look suits you and you like it, you can redo it. However, if you don’t like it, simply wash your hair and reveal your natural locks once again.

Pocket friendly hair treatment

When it comes to temporary hair straightening at home, it is very pocket friendly. Invest in a good styler like the ghd Platinum Hair Straightener, ghd IV Styler or ghd V Gold and it could last you a lifetime! Combs, brushes and bobby pins are basic essentials during hair straightening at home.

Steps for hair straightening at home

Despite all benefits related to hair straightening, many women do not opt for it complaining that the at-home method does not yield them the desired look they expect. This often happens because they do not know the right technique of straightening hair. Hair straightening at home is not only about applying heat of the straightener to your hair.

Hair straightening is a process for which you need time, patience and should be done following the right technique for the best look. Also, using the correct equipment for hair straightening like a ghd straightener is very important.

Tools for hair straightening at home

To straighten your hair at home, ensure you have the right set of tools.

  • Serum
  • ghd straightener
  • Blow Dryer
  • Hair Spray
  • Round Brush
  • Hair Straightening Brush
  • Clean Towel
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Paddle Brush
  • Rollers
  • Bristle brush

In addition, do keep a washed and clean old t-shirt.

Step 1: Start with a hair wash

You will need four tools for your hair wash.

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Towel
  • An old t-shirt (washed and clean)
  • Decide on your shampoo based on your hair problem or type. At Lé Luna, you can pick between Dandrene Antidandruff Shampoo and Revita Hair Growth Shampoo. Apply the shampoo to wet hair and wait for 2 to 3 minutes. Repeat the shampoo process twice for perfectly cleansed hair and ease of straightening.
  • Next, apply the conditioner and let it sit on your hair for 2 to 3 minutes before you wash it off, the longer you leave it the more nourished your hair will feel.
  • Wrap the towel around your hair.
  • Now use the old t-shirt to blot the extra water from your hair. Often the rough texture of the towel leads to extra hair breakage where the old t-shirt is much more beneficial.

Step 2: Serum

  • Serum application might seem simple and quick. However it is only on how you apply the serum, that your next steps of hair straightening will be easier.
  • When your hair is completely air dried, apply three-five drops of serum (depending on your hair length and thickness) gently all over the hair.
  • Check for knots and tangles and try to remove them using your fingers. By the end of serum application, your hair should be smooth enough for you to run your fingers through it.
  • Serum contributes to hair straightening effect.

Step 3: Time to blow dry

  • Pick a good dryer like ghd straightener for the blow dry step. By the end of this step, your hair should be frizz free and smooth.
  • To blow dry, you will also need a paddle brush.
  • Use the brush from root to tip, directing the blow dryer at the same time to make it completely smooth.
  • Take thin sections of hair and blow dry all the way to the ends of the hair, so that it dries completely and becomes smooth.
  • Repeat the same blow dry method all over your hair.

Step 4 : Main step of hair straightening at home

  • Ensure hair straightening brush, rollers and the hair ghd straightener is near you.
  • Sit near the plug point in front of the mirror, so that you can see your hair while doing the straightening process.
  • Split the hair into sections and fix them with clips.
  • You can straighten one section of hair at a time.
  • Take one section of hair and hold it tight.
  • Use the brush to comb the section and check there are no knots or tangles.
  • Next, when the straightener is heated place your hair between its plates.
  • Gradually move the heated hair straightener from the roots to tips.
  • Repeat the above process twice and check the strand of hair you were aiming at. If you think it is straight as you wanted, then go onto the next section. Keep repeating the process.
  • One of the common mistakes at this hair straightening step is, doing the process only on the top layer. You have to make sure that you do the straightening process all over, especially the underneath layers of hair.
  • Once you are done straightening each strand of hair, use the bristle brush to run over.

Tips for hair straightening at home

Now that you know how to straighten your hair step wise, let’s look at some of the key tips that can make your hair bone straight. Following these tips during the hair straightening process ensures safety and better results.

Serum at the tip

For pin straightened hair, apply serum twice. First when drying your hair before using the blow dryer apply serum, it should be applied all over the hair to make sure there are no knots or tangles. Apply next at the end of the straightening process. After straightening your hair, apply very little serum only at the ends of your hair. This makes the straighten hair effect last longer, but ensure you do not use too much serum so that it is clogged or visible.

Set right temperature

Something most important to do during the hair straightening process is, setting the straightener at the right temperature. Setting it too high can burn your skin or even damage your hair and if it is too cool, then it won’t make any difference to your hair. So before putting your hair in contact with the straightener, ensure the temperature is right.

Back to front direction

Many complain of poor hair straightening because they fail to do it evenly all over. Some part of their hair gets straightened while the rest remains wavy and curly. This happens when equal attention and effort is not paid to straighten hair from all sides. The ideal straightening method is to start from the back and then, come to the front. The same method is followed in salons and by professionals.

Cross check your hair straightener size

ghd straighteners are available in different sizes. Pick your hair straightener based on the length of your hair. As the infographic shows, if you have waist long hair you need 2” straightener. For shoulder length it is 11/2” straightener. Until you own the right straightener, you can never get your hair completely pin straight.

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