Styling your Hair with a ghd Hair Dryer

There are so many possibilities to styling your hair with a ghd hair dryer, you can start with wet hair and be ready to leave the house without even touching a straightener or curling iron. Only using a blow dryer can help to reduce frizz and add volume and bounce to your locks. Everyone dreams of having professional salon blow drys at home but it is possible!

Fringe Styling

Starting with fringes, these can be easily dried whilst maintaining volume with a ghd hair dryer and a round barrel brush. Taking your ghd hair dryer with nozzle attached on a medium heat and medium power setting, place the round brush under the hair and direct the air stream downwards as you pull the brush, rotating it at the same time. This should only take a minute or so and if you keep turning the brush all the way to the end of the hair it will nicely curl the end inwards so the hair sits better on the face. This should negate any need to straighten the hair once dry as it ghd hair dryers aim to leave the hair silky and smooth.

Voluminous hair

woman with smooth fringe

Thick hair and volume go hand in hand, volume may even conceal hair that is not so thick but you desire it to be. With hair that isn’t dripping wet but about 70% dry, section it off and starting with the bottom section take a large barrel brush and a ghd hair dryer. Starting from the root hold the brush under the hair and use your hair dryer on a medium heat but high power, rotating the brush the whole time you have the air stream on your hair and keeping the tension tight throughout; slowly pull it down your hair. Keeping the brush rotating as you get to the end of your hair, this will create a bouncy curled effect; making your hair appear even fuller.

Naturally Curly Hair

If you struggle to get sleek and straight locks from your naturally curly or frizzy hair then fret no more. This can easily be achieved by using your favourite ghd hair dryer and a large round brush. Section your hair into two to four parts depending on how thick it is.Making sure to constantly roll the brush as you dry each section helps to create tension and pull the strands straight. Each part of your hair may take about 30-60 seconds so it may be time consuming however we definitely think the salon-straight look you’ll end up with will be worth it; even lasting for a few days.

For those with naturally curly hair that wish to maintain their curls instead of straightening them out then the perfect duo is a ghd hair dryer with the ghd diffuser attached! Optionally you can add some sea salt spray and scrunch it into your hair before using the diffuser to dry that section of hair. Place the hair on top of the diffuser and move it closer to your head, holding here or a few seconds to allow the hair to dry. Many like to turn off the dryer and allow the hair to cool for a few seconds still in the diffuser before taking it away; this ends the cuticles to close and sets the hair in place.

Quick Effortless Waves

woman with long curly hair
For those with straight hair that they think is a little lifeless or lacking “oomph” this is a great option using a ghd hair dryer. Once the hair is about 70% dry, plait the hair, it is optional how many different braids to do; the more braids the tighter the waves will be. For those with thick hair two is optimum and for shorter hair styles it is even an option to loosely french plait the hair all the way from the top of the hair. Once you are happy with how the hair is braided take your ghd hair dryer and focus on the damp braids to dry them in the waved form. Most importantly once it is 100% dry let the hair cool all the way down before taking the braids out.

Create the effect of a Hooded Dryer

image of woman blow drying hair

With just a set of velco rollers, a shower cap and a ghd hair dryer you can create the effect of a hooded dryer. With your hair about 80% dry put it all up into the rollers and poke holes in the shower cap to allow somewhere for the excess air to go and place it over your head. With the nozzle attached to your ghd hair dryer, put it under the edge of the shower cap and allow the air to circulate inside to dry your hair.

You can leave it for however long it is necessary to dry it however it is important that you either blast it with a cool short or leave the hair in the rollers momentarily in order to let the hair ool down and for the follicles to close back up. This will make the style last a lot longer and look smoother for days.

ghd Hair dryer technology

The range of ghd hair dryers have been made to have a number of new innovative technologies. Firstly Laminair technology has been designed to deliver a non turbulent and constant stream of air, helping to leave your hair smooth and frizz free thanks to the innovative and advanced ioniser. Cool wall technology is great for styling closer to the root as this prevents the outer casing and nozzle of the ghd hair dryer cool to touch.

Blow dry techniques for short hair

Heat protectant is a must

When planning for a blow dry at home, you have to use a heat protectant. Heat protectants are can be in the form of serums, sprays or leave-in conditioner. Apply it to damp hair from roots to tips.

Manage your hair

Just because your hair is short, you cannot expect a salon quality blow dry to happen in minutes. It is important to prep your hair before blow drying it. Start with simple air-drying, then the heat protectant and followed by sectioning it. Fix each section with a hair clip before you start blow drying.

Blow drying short hair

Start from the back if you have short hair. Use a paddle brush and the ghd Hair Dryer together. The back hair should be swept down towards the neck direction. From the back, move to the sides and repeat.

Blow dry techniques for medium length hair

woman blow drying hair

The frizzy dull medium length hair can be given an awesome makeover with a blow dry session at home. You will need a volumising foam, a ghd Hair Dryer, heat-protectant and hairbrush. Pick a flat brush for straightened hair or a big round brush for some curls at the end.

Apply the hair products

At first, you have to apply two of the hair products to your medium length hair. At the roots or scalp, apply the volumising foam and at the tip and at the ends a bit of the heat-protectant like serums, sprays or leave-in conditioner.

Sides and back

Once done with your hair bangs, move to the sides and back of your hair. These areas take a little time to dry. Use the nozzle of ghd Hair Dryer to aim at the strands and quicken the process. Use your brush to pull and smooth out all the hair and then apply the blow dryer to dry completely.

Top of medium length hair

Blow drying the top of medium length hair is a challenge. By now the rest of the hair is almost done and you need to do this part attentively. Pull out the hair straight up with the brush. You can do this in one go. If you want a bounce here, just make sure the dryer is also facing upwards.

Blow dry techniques for long hair

woman using hair dryer

Blow drying long hair alone at home might seem impossible. Yet, you can do that if you know the right tricks and methods to blow drying long hair. To blow dry long hair at home, you will need the ghd Hair Dryer, lots of hair clips, serum, ceramic round hair brush and texturising spray.

Prep your long hair

If you can prepare your hair the right way for the blow dry, then the after-effects will be better. In preparing, you have to ensure that the hair is damp but not completely wet. Apply the serum in small sections all over to ensure your hair is free of knots and tangles. Lastly, the texturising spray is important to make the hair manageable during the blow dry session.

Section your hair

This may sound simple but if you go wrong in this first step, your entire blow dry will be a mess. Take small sections of your hair and fix each with hair clips. Only take out the ones you will blow dry. This will ensure that your entire hair is well dried by the time you get to the top.

Start from the back

It’s the fine hair around your shoulder that is least taken care of, start your blow dry from these. Take small sections of the hair and move the brush and ghd Hair Dryer simultaneously. You can gradually move up towards the crown.

Style the sides and ends

At the sides and ends of the hair, you can get some curls while blow drying your long hair. Wrap each strand of hair around the ceramic barrel brush and move towards the ends. Whilst drying this section with the ghd Hair Dryer, rotate your wrist holding the brush to get some curls. End this, by blow drying the scalp hair pulling it out straight and using the ghd Hair Dryer.

Here at Le Luna we have a large selection of ghd products including two different types of ghd hair dryers, these two each specialise in different things however with a core base of wanting the best for your hair. They both contain the innovative technology that has been designed to keep your hair smooth, frizz free and nourished throughout the whole process.