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STRIAGEN-DS (Anti-Wrinkle)

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Can pills really help defy the signs of ageing?

While anti-ageing serums, creams and lotions work from outside to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, pills or supplements work from the inside out to promote healthy and youthful skin. Anti-ageing supplements like STRIAGEN-DS anti-wrinkle capsules are enriched with nourishing ingredients that work in slowing the effects of ageing by supporting natural collagen production and restoring the functioning of damaged cells.

Where some face creams are not capable of penetrating deep enough in the skin to trigger any noticeable physiological change, ingredients in the pills are absorbed directly into the bloodstream where they can reach all areas of the skin from the inside and repair any damage easily.

How STRIAGEN-DS anti-wrinkle capsules work?

The effectiveness of this anti-ageing supplement can be attributed to its powerful formulation that combines the following ingredients:

Resveratrol (15-20% polygonum cuspidatum): Known to promote healthy DNA in skin that can stimulate cell restoration

Collagen: Naturally-occurring protein that gives firmness and elasticity to the skin. This connective tissue is essential of a younger-looking skin.

Other ingredients include: Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacinamide, Alpha lipoic acid, Dmae, Reduced l-glutathione, L-glycine, L-proline, Green Tea, Aloe Vera Gel, Gelatin, Magnesium Stearate, and Silicon Dioxide.

Grapeseed Oil: It is an anti-oxidant that transports waste substances out of the skin to restore the function of cells and membranes.

Turmeric Extract: Known for its antiseptic properties, this extract protects the skins cells against a variety of diseases.

Hyaluronic acid: plumps the skin and improves eslasticity

Directions of use

STRIAGEN-DS anti-wrinkle capsules are easy to swallow and just require seconds to take. You just have to take two capsules a day with water. Don’t exceed the recommended dosage for quick results. Remember continued usage for 3 to 6 months is essential for visible results.

Are there any side-effects?

Like most dietary supplements, STRIAGEN-DS anti-wrinkle capsules are also free from any severe side-effects. However, you should still read all the ingredients to ensure that you aren’t allergic to any. Don’t take these pills if you are pregnant or a nursing mother. If you have a known medical condition and are taking medications, then consult your doctor before using this dietary supplement.

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Customer Reviews

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  • * This product is so easy to take and incorporate into what I am doing. I will need to give it some time before I leave a proper review as I am a blogger, but so far the product doesn't upset my digestion and I don't see any notable negative changes or side effects! The Product itself seems to receive good reviews when used recommended, so I will carry on the course and see what happens
  • * excellent product that I asked for as a stocking! Have bought another few bottles!
  • * I thought I would try to take these supplements instead of applying countless creams to my skin and I must say I think its working!!! my wrinkles under my eyes are slowly decreasing and I am a lot happier with my appearance.
  • * J'adore cette creme!!
  • * Good Product, would buy again