Stretch Marks

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What Are Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are thin, streaky scars that usually start off red or purple in colour and then change to a silvery white appearance. They commonly appear in areas such as the belly, waist, hips, thighs and generally 9 out of 10 women during pregnancy will experience them in some shape or form. In many cases, developing these streaky lines is normal and can also be hereditary. Some are more obvious than others and for those who are unhappy about their appearances, stretch marks removal methods are a great way of overcoming them.

How Do Stretch Marks Occur

Our skin structure is made up of 3 main layers, the epidermis (outer) layer, dermis (middle) layer and subcutis (inner) layer. When our skin experiences rapid growth, it is the middle layer of skin that breaks up. This tearing apart of cells causes the deep layers of skin to become visible, forming the stretch marks appearance we can see. Since it is the deep layer that is exposed, it makes it hard to eliminate them altogether. Although there are many very effective stretch marks removal products available in the LéLuna range aimed to help dramatically reduce the signs of them.

Stretch Mark Prevention

In some cases, such as pregnancy and for hereditary reasons, stretch marks are unavoidable. However, in some situations they can be avoided. In addition to using stretch marks removal products other methods of prevention include:

1. Controlling the amount you gain in weight, rapid weight gain can often result in the tearing and breakage of skin cells.

2. Looking after your skin, regularly exfoliating stimulates the blood circulation and helps deposit the fatty cells more efficiently.

3. Avoid refined and processed foods as these are believed to be harder to dispose of and may contribute to the orange peel effect.

Stretch marks removal products help you to over come the disheartening effects of the problem, whether it is a few inconspicuous lines that are bothering you or large deep ones. Not only can some products reduce the physical appearance by making them appear less obvious and sometimes lighter, but they can also help you psychologically. Changes to the way you look can often affect the way you feel and your self-confidence, so if you feel yourself getting down about the lines that seem to have become a part of you, reach for stretch marks removal products and help restore your skin and allow yourself to feel and look beautiful.