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50ml Cream | Lightening Cream for Sensitive Areas
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The StarWhite bleaching cream is a natural formula, which can help to eliminate the embarrassing problem of skin discolouration or darkening of sensitive and intimate areas. For hundreds of years, both men and women have been using products to enhance their beauty. Join the thousands of people looking to experience a glow to their darker patches and boost your confidence.

  • Aims to discreetly lighten intimate and embarrassing areas of skin
  • Can be used on dark pigmentation spots, underarms, anus or other sensitive areas.
  • Natural and safe formula for delicate skin
  • Does NOT contain Hydroquinone, which has been known to damage skin
  • Convenient and discreet to use from the comfort of your own home
  • Can easily be integrated into your skincare regime

StarWhite bleaching cream contains a formula that takes care of your skin with both safety and comfort in mind. Its natural ingredients help lighten the tone of your skin, even in really delicate areas. The carefully constructed formula and easy twice a day application helps any darker patches of skin to become more uniform with the surrounding area, promoting a more flawless appearance.

  • Vegan Range
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegetarian

What is it?

StarWhite bleaching cream offers a safe and convenient way to help lighten sensitive skin areas from the comfort of your own home. It can be inconvenient if you have to go to a salon to lighten skin around your intimate areas, such as your anus. Although salons can offer a similar form of lightening skin, they may use potentially dangerous chemicals and often cost hundreds of pounds per session. StarWhite’s unique natural formula is to be applied twice a day, at home discreetly, safely and at a fraction of the cost!

Why should I use StarWhite?

Skin lightening in general has become increasingly popular over the years. Trends for flawless, blemish free skin are slowly becoming the norm. Specific products like StarWhite bleaching cream are able to specifically help lighten more sensitive areas, which otherwise were unable to be lightened. This means you are able to embrace the convenience and avoid embarrassment.

Like most of us, you’ve probably used some kind of hair removal method. Hair removal from intimate areas such as the underarms and anus, although it creates smooth hairless skin, it can often reveal a slightly darker pigmentation than the surrounding area. This darkness can sometimes leave a misperception that there is still hair there or looks generally untidy and uneven. StarWhite bleaching cream is ideal for gently reinforcing lighter skin in such sensitive places for an immaculate look and feel.

How do I use it?

StarWhite bleaching cream is to be applied twice a day to the desired area, preferably in the morning and then again in the evening. Gently rub in a sufficient amount to cover the darker skin and wait until it has fully dried before putting any clothing on it.

Results can vary from person to person, depending on your natural skin tone and the area you are applying the StarWhite to.

Make sure that before applying the Starwhite cream your face is clean. This will help ensure maximum absorption of the ingredients.

Apply the Starwhite cream in circular motions on the skin, until it has been fully absorbed. It is recommended that you use the product twice a day.

Safe to use

StarWhite bleaching cream uses a natural formula, which doesn’t use ‘Hydroquinone’ (which has be known to carry side effects). There are no known side effects from StarWhite, although if any itching or irritation does occur it’s recommended that you discontinue use. Take care to avoid your eyes and before use always test a small amount of the bleaching cream on your forearm to see if any reaction occurs and read the ingredients to ensure you aren’t allergic to any.

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