60ml Topical Solution | Hair Revitalising System For Women
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Spectral.CSF® Hair Loss Formula

Spectral.CSF® Hair Loss Formula is a result of extensive research into the complex biology of women’s hair thinning and hair loss. Research has shown that male and female hair thinning occurs differently, this is why the specific formula of the Spectral.CSF has been designed with women in mind. Hair loss in men starts from from the vertex and on the frontal line, whereas female thinning is diffused across the entire scalp. Women also lose hair due to hormonal fluctuation medication and stress.

While advanced products designed for men contain many ingredients, these aren’t necessarily great for women. These chemicals can actually weigh down women’s scalp and hair. Meaning, women need a product which is lighter and designed for their specific needs.

Spectral.CSF® Hair Loss Formula contains the key compounds needed to give women longer stronger and thicker looking hair. Spectral.CSF® delivers many ingredients through Nanosome encapsulation. This technology aims to transport the key compounds deep into the hair and scalp.

Using Spectral.CSF® Hair Loss Formula

The Spectral.CSF® Hair Loss Formula is easy to use, simply apply ten pumps of Spectral.CSF® with the spray, twice a day. We recommend to apply to the area that is thinning, rubbing the liquid evenly over the scalp. You do not need to rinse the formula out after it has been applied but always wash your hands after use.

It is also advised that you use the Spectral.CSF® Hair Loss Formula regularly. Even if your hair may not be thinning anymore.

Spectral.CSF® Hair Loss Formula Ingredients

The ingredients in this formula are: Plant-based stem cells, Adenosine, Aminexil and Argan Oil. Always check the ingredients before using to ensure you are not allergic to anything.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage and always take into consideration any other products you may be using. Not suitable to use if you are pregnant.