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Lightening Gel for Sensitive Areas by South Beach

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What is South Beach Lightening Gel?

Many people are self-conscious about their appearance, especially when it ciscoloomes to age spots, scarring and skin discolouration. South Beach lightening gel is a gentle formulation that can help reduce duration so that your skin can once again be a uniform colour. Best of all you can use it from the comfort of your own home and even on sensitive areas including the genitals, anus, underarms and face. You don’t need to go to expensive treatment clinics that use harsh chemicals that in the long run could do more harm than good. Just use daily and watch skin discolouration and scars disappear.

South Beach Lightening Gel: get rid of skin discolouration at home!

Although skin lightening products are nothing new. South Beach skin lightening gel has been formulated to be so gentle that it can be used safely at home. Although gentle, it is effective in lightening the skin without irritation and can be used on sensitive areas that are prone to skin discolouration. The lightening gel is already being used by professionals including doctors and in salons but as it can be used on the intimate areas you no longer have to bear having a stranger applying it to get the results you want. Whether the skin discolouration is on the face, underarms, knees, genitals or anus you can apply South Beach skin lightening gel with confidence. The effects of the gel develop over days until you have achieved the desired results and won’t affect surrounding skin leaving you with lightened patches that don’t match the rest of your skin tone.

Proven results

The ingredients in the South Beach lightening gel formulation work together to gently lighten skin so that users do not endure irritation. The gel first exfoliates skin so that you are not left with uneven results, then the ingredients go deep into the skin layers reducing the amount of Tyrosinane production. Tyrosinane is the enzyme that causes the skin to darken. By limiting the amount that is produced the skin is lightened from source not by way of bleaching the top layer. As skin is always being renewed it is advisable to continue using the product to continue benefitting from the skin lightening effects. If you change your mind you can discontinue use so that more Tyrosine is produced to return the skin to its normal state.

Users say that the results of South Beach lightening gel help them to achieve the look they have always wanted without embarrassment of bearing their sensitive areas to strangers in a clinical environment.

When can I start seeing results?

Depending on the severity of the pigmentation, scarring or discolouration may vary the time in which you see results. Customers with light discolouration can begin to see the results within just a few days where as those with dark discolouration will need to use the South Beach Lightening gel twice a day for a few weeks before it is noticeable. As results are gradual it is a good idea to take pictures on a regular basis so that you can see how the product is reducing the discolouration. Slight changes are not always noticeable just by looking at the affected area in the mirror.

for best results when using South Beach lightening gel you will need to:

Usage Tips

  • apply product in the morning and again at night
  • you can continue to wash your skin as normal
  • use a small amount and rub into skin until fully absorbed
  • before applying any other products ensure that the South Beach lightening gel is fully dry
  • use continuously so that results are maintained

Are there any side effects?

South Beach lightening gel contains natural ingredients which means that it is unlikely to cause side effects. Before using you should look through the list of ingredients to ensure you have not previously developed an allergy to them. If this is the case you should not use it. There have been no side effects reported as of yet and it is safe to use even after shaving or waxing.

How to order

It’s easy to order South Beach lightening gel from Lé All you have to do is add the product to your basket along with any other items you may have purchased, select basket and follow the on screen checkout details. If you are in a rush to get your item sooner place the order before 4pm and take advantage of the fast next day delivery service.

Customer Reviews

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  • * this has been extremely usefull for my private areas.
  • * it has definitely worked for me, the area is alot lighter and my skin tone became more even
  • * really pleased with how this turned out, i used this in the gooch area and my bum, the skin is alot more even now around that area.
  • * im in the porn industry and almost all the girls use it for ther private area, its alot easier then going to a clinic to pay insane amount for bleaching. i much prefer the south beach method
  • * It's like a black hole in space, so i'm using this to lighten it.