South Beach Body Milk

If you have been looking for a skin lightening product that is suitable for larger areas then South Beach body milk is exactly what you have been searching for. Unlike other products on the market it does not contain harsh chemicals and is suitable for application in your own home. There’s no waiting around for development time as the lightening results can be seen instantly. Whatever your skin type you will be able to use the South Beach body milk with confidence and it can be used by both women and men. No need for protective gloves or brushes, you can smooth the body milk into your skin as you would your usual lotion and you can still use your other products such as make up on top.

  • Gentle yet effective skin lightening
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Moisturising properties
  • Visible results instantly
  • Suitable for all over body use
  • Long lasting effects

Unlike harsher products the South Beach body milk works by reducing the enzyme that causes skin pigmentation so the results last longer. The product has moisturising properties too, so not only will your skin by lighter it will also feel softer and smoother without the need for additional moisture. After just one application you can reduce the darkness of your skin and see the results immediately. You can continue to wash as normal without worrying about the product washing away as once it is absorbed it gets to work

Type: Lotion
Size: 180 ml.

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What is South Beach body milk?

South Beach body milk is a skin lightening product that can be used in large areas, great for people that want skin lightening for their whole body. It’s easily applied without the need for extra tools such as gloves or brushes. Your washing routine can continue as normal without any worry of the product being less effective. Just two applications in the morning and night will allow you to see the lightening results instantly and maintain them. Unlike many of the harsh skin lightening products on the market there is no need to visit a salon for treatment. It’s made with a gentle bleach free formula that can be used at home and as it works deep into the skin it gives longer lasting effects than chemicals.

South Beach body milk: natural skin lightening in the comfort of your own home

In the past if you wanted skin lightening effects you would need to visit a salon or clinics for your skin to undergo harsh bleaching processes on a regular basis. South Beach body milk is an effective alternative that will not dry out your skin. The effects of South Beach body milk will last longer as it works by altering the amount of pigment producing enzyme. The effects of harsh chemicals on the skin can damage the oils and lead to dry skin. Bleaching of the skin lasts only a short time as it only works on the outer layers, which means that as skin is renewed regularly further treatments are needed. The South Beach body milk can be used by men and women for regular skin lightening and moisturisation without fear of permanent damage. If you have found your skin to be too sensitive for skin lightening products previously then the answer to your problem is finally here.

Proven results

Tyrosinase is the enzyme that causes pigmentation of the skin. South Beach body milk inhibits the activity of Tyrosinase gently so that you get instant but gradual skin lightening with each use. The moisturising properties of the body milk allow you to use the product with confidence. As it gets deep into the layers of the skin, as old skin is shed your new lighter skin will be in better condition. Regular use will help you to maintain the skin lightening effect desired without drying out your skin.

When can I start seeing results?

The results of South Beach body milk are almost immediate. For a deeper lightening effect or to get rid of dark pigmentation/scarring you will need to continue use for best results. In the event of dark pigmentation it could take around 2-3 weeks for results to be noticeable to the naked eye as your skin renews showing healthier lighter skin that is uniform to the rest of your body. You can target certain areas or use all over the body to reduce the shade.

Usage Tips

  • use twice a day, morning and night for best results
  • use to maintain lightness less often or every day for further lightening effect
  • no need for exfoliation before use as the product prepares skin
  • a little goes a long way

Are there any side effects?

As the South Beach body milk does not contain harsh chemicals it is unlikely that you suffer from an allergic reaction. The formulation is for external use only so should not be applied to sore, cut or infected skin until it has healed. Although unlikely some people are allergic to natural products so do read the ingredients before use and if you have had an allergic reaction to any of them do not use.

How to order

Ordering South Beach body milk is simple at Lé All you have to do is add your selected product(s) to the basket and follow the on screen instructions when you check out. If you want to receive your order faster you can take advantage of the next day delivery service if you place your order before 4pm.

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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