South Beach Accelerating Wash Kit

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Are you looking for a kit that offers three ways to help you work towards a healthy looking glow? You can offer your skin a multitude of ways to help soothe and maintain the skin's vibrant appearance with the South Beach Wash Kit. The combination of the Accelerating Wash, Gel for Sensitive Areas, and Soothing Lotion may work wonders for you!

  • Suitable to be used on areas that are sensitive
  • Three tried and tested solutions
  • Specific ingredients known for their lightening and brightening qualities
  • Tested by dermatologists
  • Calm and soothes skin
  • Without chemicals

South Beach Accelerating Wash Kit

The next logical step in taking a well-rounded approach to skincare lies in this kit. It not only fulfils the basic needs of a gentle wash and cleanse, but the soothing lotion could also help you lock in moisture and calm signs of irritation. With the cleaning and nourishment boxes ticked, how do you work towards that healthy looking glow? The ingredients in the sensitive gel aim to provide the user with a natural and healthy glow, this helps to reduce discolouration and dark spots. The formulas in all three products contain components known for their brightening properties! If you’re looking for a careful combination of products, that aim to work together to bring you the look you desire, then look no further than this South Beach kit.

The Fomulas

The aim of the kit is to offer you a variety of techniques to care for your skin. Firstly, the mild Accelerating Wash, utilises Dog Rose Extract and Green Tea, both widely used for their known antioxidant properties, helping the skin to look cleaner and fresher. Then the Uva Ursi and Liquorice Extracts play a vital role in the formula as they’re both established for their brightening qualities!

Does your skin appear dry and irritated after hair removal? The Soothing Lotion utilises moisturising properties in the Avocado and Vitamin E Oil, known to help calm and hydrate the skin. The Cucumber Extract and Aloe Vera are excellent for helping the skin to stay looking healthy acting to refresh and revitalise skin cells.

The Gel for Sensitive Areas then offers you a streamlined product to help alleviate concerns about discolouration. Using Liquorice and Uva Ursi Extract alongside the sophisticated Insta-Brite™ technology, which are all established in their abilities to help lighten with the bleaching properties they contain, it is designed to prevent hyperpigmentation on the skin and help your journey to an even glow.

How do you use the Wash Kit?

We recommend to follow these straightforward instructions on how to use the South Beach Kit.

South Beach Accelerating Wash

  • This formula has been designed to be able to wash anywhere you desire, private areas, underarms and face.
  • Apply daily for around a week to ten days.
  • We recommend against use by those who are breastfeeding or pregnant.

South Beach Soothing Lotion

  • With your fingertips apply the soothing lotion gently to the desired area with a circular motion.
  • Suitable for any skin on body or face.
  • Apply the lotion again when needed. We recommend to use daily.

South Beach Gel for sensitive areas

  • Wash as normal and let skin dry.
  • Take a small amount and rub it gently onto the desired location in circular motions until completely absorbed.
  • It is recommended to use twice a day.
  • No need for gloves or brushes.

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