Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss

Your skin always seems to look its best and receive compliments after you have been away on holiday, but recreating the look back home can be dangerous if you are using UV rays to do so. When you apply fake tan it looks great at first, but after a few short days you need to top it up yet again. There is another way to keep your fake tan looking great for longer and that is by using the Skinny Tan after glow gloss instead of your usual moisturiser. This can reduce the amount of times you have to reapply your tan and risk going a few shades darker than you would have wanted to.

  • Retain your fake tan longer
  • Have soft smooth silky skin
  • No skin drying and irritating chemicals
  • Nourishing oils for skin health
  • can be used on all skin types

Skinny Tan after glow gloss contains a rich moisturiser that will nourish your skin so that you don’t lose the tan as fast. After use your skin will be smooth and not feel tight as can happen when you try to delay exfoliation and avoid moisture to keep your tan. Being able to shower and bath as often as you want and still retain your tan will mean that you can leave a longer space between adding more fake tan to your skin, which can be time consuming. Why take the risk using drying and aging UV rays to get the tan you want when there’s a way you can keep your fake tan almost as long as a real one?

Size: 125 ml.
Type: Lotion
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What is Skinny Tan after glow gloss?

There’s always an element of excitement to getting a tan, but getting a real tan means tan lines that can show if you are wearing an outfit with a different cut or bearing all to passers by. When you get a fake tan it can wear off faster than you like stopping it from looking natural. You can however avoid this if you use Skinny Tan after glow gloss as it will help you to retain that just tanned look even longer! Skin shedding is what causes you to lose your tan quickly and skin will shed faster when it is dry. The moisturising replenishing formula in the gloss stops this from happening.

Benefits of Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss

Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss prolongs your tan, be it a natural tan or one achieved through artificial means.

This amazing cream is able to deeply moisturise the skin, making it soft and shiny. Your skin will look young and fresh!

Skinny Tan After Glow Gloss has an amazing tropical smell. Its coconut scent will give you a taste of holidays by the beach.


Skin deep for a softer and more supple skin


Natural or artificial tanning of the skin over a long period


Improves the appearance of cellulite and skin imperfections

Skinny Tan after glow gloss: keep colour without topping up your tan

You can keep your skin in great condition after using fake tan which will mean you have less chance of reapplying and getting results that are too dark or uneven. All skin needs moisturisation but people that use fake tan will wash away any replenishing moisture from their original product after they first bathe or shower. You don’t have to worry about your tan fading quickly with Skinny Tan after glow gloss; you can always look your best by swapping your moisturiser for this great product. It doesn’t have glittery particles, it just helps your skin to look naturally healthy.


Proven results

Getting a tan too often using UV rays has been shown to increase the risk of skin cancer and the onset of aging. This is why so many people are now faking it. When this tan fades it is common for people to add more of their product and going too dark until it balances out, but with Skinny Tan after glow gloss you don’t have this worry. Your original tan will be able to last for longer and you won’t have to go back to your original colour until you have the time to reapply.

When can I start seeing results?

You will instantly be able to feel the moisture in your skin as you apply the lotion and your tan will look as though it has just been applied. You don’t have to be in between shades any longer, you can use the Skinny Tan after glow gloss to top up your tan in no time at all.

Usage tips

For optimum results you will need to use the Skinny Tan after glow gloss each day and after bathing, showering and swimming. You can use it as many times as you need to thanks to the ingredients being natural without worrying about it causing side effects. Drinking enough water will also help from the inside so that both your body and skin are given the hydration they need to slow down the skin shedding process.

Are there any side effects

The all natural ingredients in Skinny Tan after glow glass are not likely to cause side effects even in people with skin problems. The exception to this would be if you have suffered side effects from topical natural products in the past. If you find that any of the ingredients match those that you may be sensitive to apply to only a small area of skin before using all over the body.

How to order

All you need to do if you want to order Skinny Tan after glow gloss is switch on your computer and visit ShytoBuy. Once there add your product to the basket and then click the basket to complete your purchase following the on screen instruction. You can speed up delivery by selecting the next day delivery service and checking out before 4pm.

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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