Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner

Having a sun kissed glow is something everyone desires and for many years people used sunbeds and the natural sun to obtain it. Over the past few years the health risks associated with tanning and UV rays have been highly publicised which has meant the fake tan business has boomed. Unfortunately not all fake tans are as good as others leaving behind streaks or washing away in rain or perspiration. Skinny Tan 7 day tanner can give you the tan you want to get a sun kissed glow without streaks or the risks associated with tanning. As well as giving you a beautiful tan, you can also benefit from the sweet almond oil, which helps to firm skin and reduce the signs of cellulite. It’s a gentle formulation so is suitable for all skin types.

  • develops instantly for fast tanning solution
  • No streak formulation
  • No missed areas thanks to guide colour
  • Gives you up to 7 days tan
  • Suitable for men and women

Using the Skinny Tan 7 day tanner will give you the results you want without the associated risks of lying in the sun or using sun beds. It’s easy to apply and can give you the same results you would get from a spray tan from the comfort and privacy of your own home. You can apply and not worry about topping up your colour for as long as a week. Perfect solution to getting a tan without exposing skin to the risk of early aging, skin cancer and drying. You can get your tan as soon as tomorrow by using the next day delivery service.

Type: Lotion
Size: 125 ml.

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What is Skinny Tan 7?

If you are worried about the appearance of cellulite and want a tan to give you that ‘just been on holiday’ look then Skinny 7 day tanner has exactly what you need. It helps to contour the body to make you appear slimmer and reduces cellulite appearance significantly. As soon as you apply the product your tan will develop and continue to do so throughout the day until you get a warm bronzed appearance. The ingredients are natural which means it is highly tolerated by people with skin conditions, even if you have had side effects from other tanning products. It won’t dry out skin or cause irritation and smells great too! That just arrived back from holiday look can be yours in a matter of minutes!

Skinny Tan 7 day tanner: Tanning technology without the risk

Having a beautiful tan is perceived by others as a sign of health. For your own self confidence the firming properties in Skinny Tan 7 day tanner will help you to achieve firmer skin and hide cellulite. The innovative guide colour lets you apply the product easily without missing any parts and the streak free formula gives you a uniform look without the risk. What could be better than getting the tan you want without having to bear all in a salon?

Proven Results

People all over the world are using Skinny Tan i7 day tanner as an alternative to their usual streaking tanning lotion and dangerous exposure to UV rays. As it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals more people than ever before can enjoy a risk free tan that stays for a week. You can even swim while wearing the tanner and enjoy clothing that shows off your legs without exposing the cellulite giving you better confidence.

Reduce your whole body care routine to one product by using Skinny Tan 7 day tanner. With Skinny Tan 7 day tanner, you can tan, moisturise, reduce cellelulite and reduce fluid retention.

With the Skinny Tan 7 day tanner you can be assured of a smooth even tan, without any patches. Your tan will look natural and flawless.

Skinny Tan 7 day tanner is 100% natural. It contains no dangerous chemicals and preservatives. You can achieve perfectly tanned glowly skin without putting the health of your skin at risk.

When can I start seeing results?

Within minutes of applying you will notice that your skin shade is darker. Throughout the day the shade will develop turning into a sun kissed glow that everyone will envy. Look radiant and healthy without causing damage to your skin and risking dehydration.



Usage Tips

It is advised that you have a shower or a bath before using the Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner. Make sure to scrub your skin to remove any dead skin cells.

Apply the Skinny Tan 7 Day Tanner all over the body or on any desired body parts. Allow the product to dry for 2-5 hours. You can easily go about your day and be active, you will simply have to refrain from showering or going to bed.

To preserve your tan for a long time, drink plenty of water and keep your skin moisturised.

Are there any side effects?

Thanks to the natural ingredients in Skinny 7 Day tanner you are unlikely to experience side effects. Some people however do have allergies to natural products which is why it is advisable to read the content before use. If previously you have experienced allergies to any of the ingredients do not use until consulting with an allergy specialist.

How to order

For simplicity and convenience you can place your order for Skinny Tan 7 day tanner from home by visiting Lé Just put your chosen product into the basket, click the basket and enter details as prompted. You don’t have to wait long to get the perfect tan as you can benefit from the next day delivery service just by selecting this option and placing the order before 4pm.

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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