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Instant FaceLift Serum

30ml Serum | Facial Lift Formula
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Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift

Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift uses a unique combination of liftensyl, argatensyl and easylliance to form a matrix on the skin's surface. This helps pull the skin taut as it dries, smoothing out the appearance of wrinkles and giving the skin a naturally lifted appearance. Overall, the skin may be left looking younger and fresher, with improved tone and contour. The natural ingredients of the serum also work to help combat visible signs of aging, rather than just covering them up. By protecting the skin from UV rays and environmental damage, Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift helps to prolong the skin's natural tone, firmness and elasticity, aiming to prevent sagging and wrinkling in future.

Using Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift

Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift is easy to use. Before applying the serum, cleanse and dry your skin as usual, ensuring it is free of make-up and other products. Shake the bottle, and test a small amount of Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift on your hand. If the serum has a gritty texture, continue to shake the bottle until it is completely smooth.

Apply 2-3 drops of the serum to your face, using your hands to form a thin layer over the skin. Whilst the serum dries, look straight ahead. Keep your head still and try to refrain from smiling or talking.

After around 2-3 minutes when the serum has dried, the treatment is complete. You can now apply make-up as normal. Use Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift daily as part of your usual routine.

Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift

All of the ingredients for Skin Doctors Instant FaceLift have been thoroughly tested and are free from side-effects.

Active ingredients

Easyliance Easyliance is naturally produced and designed to help lift and smooth the skin, this is achieved by a polymer forming a matrix at the surface of the skin which tightens and smooths whilst drying.

Sesaflash The patented molecular active ingredient which contains sesame, aims to tighten and smooth the skin with long lasting hydration.

Hydroviton® 24 An advanced 24 hour moisturising complex aims to penetrate the skin allowing it to breathe and retain hydration making the skin appear soft and supple.