Skin Doctors Hair No More System

It’s an innovation in hair removal! Skin Doctors Hair No More System consists of a simple two-step phases packed conveniently as one luxurious hair removal kit. It’s enriched with aloe vera and which hazel, which are known for their skin smoothing properties. Not only does the kit aim to reduce hairs from the source, but its effective minimiser spray also makes the ones that do venture back, a lot lighter in colour.

  • A complex hair growth retardant that minimisers that appearance of hair growth
  • Quick, painless and easy to use
  • Great alternative to stubble stimulating shaving and painful waxing
  • Effective on thick and course hair
  • Contains unique active ingredients and soothing, moisturising qualities
  • Requires no batteries, refill packs or supplements

Skin Doctors Hair No More System gets to work in under 10 minutes, leaving you with enjoyable silky smooth skin. Forget faffing around with wax or tending to painful nicks as a result from shaving, this hair removal kit has got pain free, simple and safe hair removal sorted. Remember, if you order before 4pm on any working day then you can receive our handy next day delivery.

Type: Cream & Spray
Size: 120 ml. & 2x100 ml.

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What it is?

Skin Doctors Hair No More System brings together a lightweight hair removal cream with a scientifically proven hair inhibitor spray. This provides a multi strong method to removing your unwanted hair successfully. Unlike other many other hair removal products, the Skin Doctors Hair No More System provides smooth results in fewer than 10 minutes and the inhibitor spray may keep stray hairs at bay for days after. This hair removal kit is non messy in application and any hairs that do manage to grown back are usually fewer in number and thinner than before. Opposed to the dark, harsh stubble that can usually be associated with shaving.

How does it work?

The Skin Doctors Hair No More System works in two crucial stages. The first stage when using the hair removal kit is applying it to the area you want to target. The cream contains active ingredient Calcium Thioglycolate. This helps to stimulate a depilatory action, which aims to efficiently dissolve the proteins that make up your hair, literally melting them away! In phase two, the hair minimising spray travels into the pores of your skin and saturates your hair bulb. This saturation of liquid helps to starve the hair at the root and prevent further hair calls from germinating. With continued use of the Skin Doctors Hair No More System, any stray hairs that reappear should become less and less frequent.

Why should I use it?

Don’t like pain? Want long lasting results? Want minimal hair regrowth? Skin Doctors Hair No More System covers all these common requests for the ideal hair removal kit. It can take less time than waxing and is a method to integrate in to your routine, no mess, no pain and fast results. Using this hair removal kit allows you to be kind to your skin, since it come without any harsh chemicals and promises great results.

When can I see results?

Skin Doctors Hair No More System effectively melts away your hair just minutes after applying the cream, so you can feel instant initial results. This quick timeframe makes it an ideal hair removal kit to use if you are on the go and can’t afford to spend tireless hours in the bathroom. The hair inhibitor spray acts to reduce the likelihood of any stay hairs springing back after you have used the cream, meaning you can enjoy a silky and smooth appearance for longer.

Key Ingredients

The Skin Doctors Hair No More System includes a hair removal cream, which contains Calcium Thioglycolate. This is able to efficiently dissolve the proteins of keratin in the hair. It makes up the key depilatory actions in the hair removal kit.

The Skin Doctors Hair No More Systems second essential part, the Inhibitor Spray contains:

Salicylic Acid (from willow bark) – this acts as an antiseptic agent which keeps the skin clean and safe from any infections.

Witch Hazel – heals damaged skin and restores theepidermis for a supple and smooth feeling.

Hypericum – an anti-flammatory when used in a topical form, Hypercurium is great for sensitive skin.

Directions to use

Using this hair removal kit is easy. The Skin Doctors Hair No More System is to be used in two key processes, the cream and than the hair minimiser spray.

  • Apply the Hair No More cream in a generous even layer over the targeted area. Do not rub in.
  • Leave the cream for 2-3 minutes (face), 4-5 minutes (body; remove a small area of the cream using the spatula provided. This is to see if the hair comes away easily, if so, then it has been left on for the ideal amount of time and you can continue using the Skin Doctors Hair No More System and remove the rest of the cream. Do not exceed 5 minutes for the face and 8 minutes for the body.
  • Once you have removed your hair, rinse away any traces promptly using a soft cloth and clean, cold water.
  • Once your skin has fully dried after depilation, spray the treated area with a soft mist of the Hair No More Inhibitor Spray. Massage in until fully absorbed.
The Skin Doctors Hair No More System is to be used 4-5 times a week for best results.

Safe to use

Skin Doctors Hair No More System is safe to use and should always be used as directed. Always check the ingredients beforehand to ensure you aren’t allergic to any and try a test patch 24 hours prior to use. Avoid using soap or other harsh lotions, antiperspirants or perfumes for at least 24 hours after using the hair removal kit.

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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