Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray

Want to keep your unwanted hairs away? Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray is a fresh and delightful blend designed to be use in-between hair removal sessions. This unique hair inhibitor spray leaves your skin feeling smooth and lets you enjoy a hair free appearance for longer than ever before.

  • Allows hair growth to appear thinner and lighter than before
  • Contains a gentle and hypo allergenic formula that’s suitable for most skin types
  • Helps you to stay smooth and hair free for longer
  • Cuts down your hair removal rituals
  • Contains soothing and moisturising properties
  • Takes seconds to use with long lasting results
  • Clear and topical solution that’s easy and discreet to use

Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray primarily works by lightening the appearance of any darker hairs. It aims to minimise the amount you need to depilate, wax and shave, without having to put up with any embarrassing ‘hairy’ phases. Remember that if your order on any working day before 4pm you can maintain your smooth and flawless skin 24hours later with out next day delivery service.

Type: Spray
Size: 120 ml.

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What is Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray?

It is a hair inhibitor spray, which offers an easy to use and effective way to reduce any future hair growth. Many women face daily rituals to remove unwanted fuzz. This cannot only be time consuming but also costly. Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray offers a way to overcome this by reducing the likelihood of hair returning, which leaves your life less ruled by tiring hair removal routines. In addition to any reduced growth, this hair inhibitor spray also acts to lighten any existing hairs, making then lighter, less visible and more manageable. All in one simple spray!

How does it work?

Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray works by saturating the hair follicles with the clear and topical solution. It primarily helps to suffocate the hair root, which then weakens any potential hair growth. Over time and with continued use you will receive the maximum benefits. This hair inhibitor spray has also been designed to change the appearance of your hairs that grow through, to make them lighter. Often is it the darkness of hair that causes many women to carry out more regular hair removal sessions. Dark hair can be noticeable, even if it isn’t that long. The Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray contains natural enzymes, these help to condition and moisturise your skin, which keeps it smooth and hair free looking.

How to use and what results I can gain

Simply apply the Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray after you have removed your hair and continue to maintain use daily. Simply spray on to the targeted area and massage in. The daily application may be reduced over time if you are happy with your results. This hair inhibitor spray gets to work immediately in less than 10 minutes you can experience gorgeous smooth and even skin. Results may vary depending on the thickness and darkness of the hairs you are intending to lighten and prevent from reoccurring.


Each ingredient in the Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray has been carefully selected for each of their skin benefiting and hair deterring properties. A few of the key ingredients in this hair inhibitor spray include:

  • Urea –engulf the hair bulb.
  • Salicylic Acid – can help to melt the proteins within your hair.
  • Hypercium – is a natural extract in the Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray that has a moisturising effect on your skin.
  • Soy Peptides –known to soothe your skin.
  • Witch Hazel- helps to restore suppleness to the skin.

Safe to use

Skin Doctors Hair No More Spray is safe to use as directed, it is advised that you check all the ingredients beforehand to ensure you aren’t allergic to any. You may want to carry out a patch test 24 hours prior to using. Its natural ingredients should be suitable for most skin types. You should always avoid contact with your mouth, eyes and inflamed, sunburnt or broken skin.

* Results may vary from one person to another.

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