Skin Care

A innovative new blackhead removal peel-off mask using natural ingredients.
Eco Masters Fango Clay Body Wrap is a brand new revolutionary mud wrap made...
The New Eco Masters Facial Clay Mask Kit is a new revolutionary grey clay...
Makari Caviar Lightening Glycerin is a luxury skin care product. Makari...
Help improve complexion and radiance with the new revolutionary Makari...
Unique combination of natural ingredients to help protect, lighten and refine...
Exfoliates dead skin cells, dry skin and rough spots.
Cleanse and detoxifies the pores whilst lightens and brightens the skin.
Makari Exclusive Lotion helps reduce dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

Our Range

To help you create your own healthy face care routine, all our face care products have been specifically selected for their boosting benefits and revitalising effects. Not only are they sourced for their specific face care qualities but they’re more often than not a delight to use with their natural ingredients and simple to use application. Our face care product range is designed to combat common issues such as fine lines, dehydrated skin and stubborn skin complaints that you just want rid of. It’s time to take action and jump on board LéLuna’s fuss free approach to a healthy enhancing regime for your face.

Face care products are something that each person requires in their own unique formula and way. Skin types alone can range from dry, combination skin to oily complexions and the different aspects of your face such as lips and eyes may require more attention than others. One product that your friend may rave about may only offer you a few of the benefits they experience. Face care products in the LeLuna range aim to give your personality and facial features the ego boost they deserve. Find the right products specifically for your face to start your daily care regime and watch the transformation begin.

Eyes and lips

Taking care of your features through an effective face care routine can create the fresh-faced, radiant look every woman deserves. Luscious lips and dreamy eyes are often described as the key to a woman’s beauty and, if need be, are definitely worth taking that little extra time to look after.

Your eyes and the areas around them, although delicate, will very often respond well to ways of enhancing their look and tone. Many of us may experience disheartening ‘crows feet’, bags under the eyes or dubious saggy skin. These can add years to how old we actually are and the way we look.

Looking after your lips is essentially looking after your smile. Smiling can eliminate years from our age and are one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. Looking after this juicy feature is not only a fuss free and simple task to do so, but the rejuvenating benefits reach no limits.

Develop your own daily care routine to prevent and reduce niggling problems about your image and allow yourself to gain the fresh-faced look you want.

You’re unique

Always remember, whether you are looking for face care products to help specific facial issues or simply to maintain the youthful you, choose ones that are specific to what you need. LéLuna’s carefully selected face care products offer a variety just for you that is simple, fuss free and effective. Let’s face it, looking after you shouldn’t be an ordeal, but a delight to do and reveal results you can see.