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A sparkling white smile along with fresh breath and oral health are some of the reasons why it’s important to put time into cleaning our teeth. But a regular toothbrush might not be doing the job we think it is! To polish and cleanse with a professional approach, Silk’n created the SonicSmile electric toothbrush. With a special selection of modes and settings, it’s sure to give you the very best.

  • Powerful & efficient electric toothbrush
  • Strokes teeth 31,000 times per minute
  • Five individualised settings
  • Three weeks use after charging
  • Includes induction charger & USB adaptor
  • Pair of fading brush heads included

Silk’n SonicSmile

It’s not hard to find a standard electric toothbrush – but the SonicSmile is the premium option! Specially created to give you gold standard cleaning in your own bathroom, each feature and setting was selected to provide supreme care. Stroking your teeth 31,000 times a minute, it accomplishes far more than hand brushing could, to provide an instantaneous cleaner sensation. Its four primary settings - White, Clean, Polish, and Massage – are certain to become essential. Meanwhile, the final setting, Study, is intended to build up tolerance in those not used to electric brushing.

The SonicSmile also has a range of additional features, designed to boost your brushing! In order for you to target each area of your mouth with equal focus, every thirty seconds you are prompted by the smart interval timer to progress to the next quadrant. Then, after a couple of minutes, which is recommended by dentists as the best overall time, the SonicSmile automatically turns off. With a three week last after recharging, and an indicator for when it’s time to charge up, you won’t ever have to worry. Also, it’s waterproof, so you can use it anywhere!

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  • I use the toothbrush now for about 3 weeks and I am really satisfied about the results, I feel that teeth are cleaner and smoother. The advantage for me is that you can use it under the shower, which is good, as the time goes really fast and the toothpaste is not splashed on my face and mirror. I also think that the brushes remain soft for longer period than the brushes of my old toothbrush and thus, it lasts longer! Super satisfied!

    N Nick leluna logo in watermarks, leading supplement brand

  • I use it now for 2 weeks and I feel that my teeth are much cleaner/smoother than ever. It lasts long without charging and for me it is an advantage. It will definitely remain in our bathroom

    J Jeanne leluna logo in watermarks, leading supplement brand

  • I am very satisfied with the Sonic Smile. I feel that my teeth are both clean and smooth at the best and that feeling lasts long. As for the charging, it can last long before you will have to charge and this is a big advantage. I would definitely recommend it.

    D Dennis leluna logo in watermarks, leading supplement brand

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