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Silk’n Silhouette Home Cellulite Reduction Device

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Why you need it?

Cellulite, commonly known as dimpled skin or orange peel, affects many women. Fat cells (adipocytes) in the deeper layers of the skin can increase up to 30 times their volume at the onset of puberty, in the first three months of pregnancy and after childbirth. As their volume increases, they start to ’clump’ and push out against the inside of the skin, resulting in cellulite. The ageing process that makes skin thinner and reduces collagen aggravates cellulite formation and makes it more and more visible giving the skin a dimpled and irregular texture.

Regular creams and moisturisers hardly reduce the appearance of cellulite and plastic surgery is just too risky and expensive. This is where Silk’n Silhouette comes in. With this body contouring system, you can reduce cellulite, while streamlining your body contours and improving your skin’s texture. And you can achieve this all at home.

How Silk’n Silhouette works?

It is a unique and innovative device that utilises the revolutionary HT™ (Home Tightening) technology that combines three sources of energy (Bi-Polar RF Energy, LED Light Energy and IR Heat Energy) to effectively penetrate and heat even the deeper layers of skin. This triple action causes fibres in the skins complex to contract, resulting in reduced cellulite and firmer skin.

  • Bi-Polar RF Energy: It is capable of firming the deeper layers of the skin down to 10mm and reduces cellulite levels.
  • LED Light Energy: It works to rejuvenate the skin, while restoring its natural balance.
  • IR Heat Energy: It improves skin structure and texture, restoring your skin’s elasticity.

Treating cellulite with the Silk’n Silhouette is easy!

You can use the device at three different energy settings: Low, Medium and High.

At the front of the device you can see individual lights for each of these energy settings. To change from one energy mode to another, you simply have to press the ‘Select’ button until you reach the desired level.

For the first treatment, it is recommended that you use Energy Level 1. After the first treatment on each of the body parts, you can increase the level and use energy settings Medium and High.

To achieve best results, use the Silk’n Silhouette for 20 minutes per treatment area with an energy setting that suits you.

Directions to use

Silk’n Silhouette is an advanced, yet simple to operate device.

  • Ensure your skin is clean and dry before the treatment
  • Now apply a thin layer of the slider gel on to the area you wish to treat
  • Select the desired mode (choose Low energy setting for the first session)
  • After you see the LED light turned on, start sliding the device over your skin slowly
  • Use a light and linear motion when sliding the device

For more details, you can watch this video:

Recommended Treatment Time

To reduce your cellulite density the best way, just follow the illustrations and pave your way to a skin that is visibly tighter, looks younger and feels rejuvenated. During the clinical trials of this device, 80% of participants confirmed that they saw a dramatic improvement in the appearance of cellulite and skin texture.

We recommend that you use Silk’n Silhouette twice a week for 10 weeks to enjoy noticeable results. To maintain results, you can simply carry on using the device regularly every two weeks.

Is the Silk’n Silhouette safe?

Approved by medical regulatory bodies, this device is safe for all the body parts. The device features a unique safety mechanism: The thermal sensor.

This sensor is a built-in heat stabiliser that measures the temperature of your skin during treatment. If the temperature of your skin reaches above 41°C during the session, the device will automatically stop emitting heat. The treatment will only continue after your skin has cooled down. Thanks to this mechanism, your skin will never overheat and hence, there are no chances of redness or burning.

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