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As the very first permanent HPL™ device designed for use by both men and women, the Silk’n Glide Unisex is a new way to look at hair removal. No longer is it something just for women - now men can enjoy hair removal from the comfort of their own home too! What’s more, with the Silk’n Glide Unisex, now a number of skin tones can also enjoy the device thanks to it’s one of a kind safety features including the unique Skin Colour Sensor that is exclusive to Silk’n devices.

  • Advanced patented HPL™ technology
  • Massive 100,000 stored light pulses
  • Skin Colour Sensor for optimum safety
  • Typical full body session in just 20 minutes
  • Official Silk’n Authorised Premium Partner
  • 2 year device warranty included

Perfect for use on all areas of the body, even those stubborn hairs, the Silk’n Glide Unisex is designed to be quick and easy to use wherever it's needed. With its pulsing and gliding methods, it’s perfect for use gliding over large areas such as legs as well as pulsing over more precise areas such as the face or bikini line. To make it even better, an average full body session with the Silk’n Glide is just 20 minutes - far quicker than a trip to the salon and a lot easier and gentler than a wax!

Silk’n Glide Unisex features

  • At home hair removal for both men and women
  • Safe for home use with patented HPL™ technology
  • Suitable for the face as well as body
  • Stores 100,000 light pulses so no need for refills
  • Pulsing and gliding for quick use
  • Average 20 minutes for a full body session
  • Skin Colour Sensor for optimum safety
  • Five varying energy settings
  • Can be used after tanning (energy setting 1)
  • 3 cm² treatment area for those hard to reach areas
  • No charging necessary
  • Travel-friendly case for storage
  • 2 year warranty

Patented HPL™ technology

As a technology exclusive to Silk’n, patented HPL™, or Home Pulsed Light™, has been created to be a permanent hair removal technology that is completely safe for home use. Designed based on salon IPL™, this advanced technology is based on selective photothermolysis theory, where optical light energy is emitted onto an area of the skin, but is only absorbed by the darker melanin pigment of the hair. The hair follicle then absorbs the light energy, transforming it into heat which disables the hair shaft. This results in the hair not being able to grow back and therefore permanent removal of that strand.

There is one big difference between how this process is used in HPL™ and IPL™ however, and that is the safety of the technology for home use. With salon IPL™, the energy that is emitted is at a high level for a long period of time. This can tackle the hair follicle but can also have a very high risk of also affecting the surrounding area of skin, making it only suitable for use with a professional. HPL™ technology used in Silk’n devices however, is much different. The light energy that is emitted from these use a lower energy but a peak point of high power, so the melanin in the hair is still targeted in the same way but there is far less risk to the skin making it ideal for home use. As a result, HPL™ can be considered some of the safest home permanent hair removal technology available on the market today.

5 power levels

Silk’n knows that everyone's skins is different with their own specific needs, so didn’t want to create a device that was only suitable for one skin type. As a result, the Silk’n Glide Unisex can be used by multiple skin tones in a completely safe and enjoyable way. To cater for this, the Silk’n Glide Unisex has 5 different energy settings so that you can choose the perfect level for you and personalise it to each user. So whether you’re a beginner, have a darker skin tone, or want a quick session, there is an energy level perfect for you!

Skin Colour Sensor

Silk’n follow the belief that permanent hair removal should be accessible and safe for as many as possible, so they designed the Silk’n Glide Unisex to be usable for more skin tones than your regular device of the same nature. It has done this thanks to its advanced technology, changeable power levels, and also one of a kind safety features. This makes it great for sharing with a partner, friend, or family member as they can still safely use the device without needing to worry - all they need to do is change the settings!

One of the great safety features that has been built into the device for optimum use, is the unique Skin Colour Sensor. This works by automatically detecting the colour of the skin it is being used on the second it comes into contact. If the skin colour is then too dark for the current setting, it will immediately stop emitting light pulses so you will never be using a level that is unsafe for your skin tone. This can be especially handy for first time users, those that are unsure of the setting that is right for them or those that can have varying skin tone changes such as after tanning.

What’s more, for extra peace of mind whilst using the Silk’n Glide Unisex, it also includes an extra safety feature that can tell when the skin is in contact with the treatment area and will only emit light pulses when it is. So if you’re worried about using with others around you, about having to waste time turning it on and off to move from one areas of the body to another, or if your lifestyle means you’re prone to interruptions, you are still completely safe whilst using the device.

100,000 light pulses

When you invest in a permanent hair removal device for home use, especially one to potentially share, you of course want it to be long-lasting. As a result, the Silk’n Glide Unisex stores a huge 100,000 light pulses in each and every device. This means that you no longer need to worry about having to buy refill cartridges or running out half way through a session. Therefore, the Silk’n Glide Unisex can be excellent value for money, especially when you compare a one-off investment into this device with the ongoing cost of innumerable IPL sessions at a salon. Additionally, as it can be used completely safely from the comfort and ease of your own home, it means less time wasting out and about and more time at home doing the things you love.

Typical costs for common hair removal methods


IPL (Salon)
For 6 sessions for all body parts


Over an average woman's lifetime

Matrix Vitality

Over an average woman's lifetime

Follicle Strength

Silk’n Glide Unisex
One-off investment for the whole body

Directions for use

Before you use your Silk’n Glide Unisex, you need to decide the energy level that is right for you and your skin by checking the skin colour chart specific for this device.

  1. Plug the adaptor cord into the device socket and then into an electrical outlet.
  2. Prepare the skin by ensuring the area is shaved (not waxed, plucked or tweezed), clean, dry and free of any products.
  3. Press the control button. The device will turn on (default set to energy level 1) and a fan sound will begin. When the ‘ready’ light turns on (approximately 1 second after pressing the button) the device is ready to use.
  4. Set the energy level by repeatedly pressing the control button until you reach your desired level.
  5. Place the treatment surface onto the skin. When it is in full contact the ready light will start to slowly blink. The device will then automatically detect the colour of your skin and if it is on the correct level it will flash a pulse of light and you may feel a mild sensation of warmth and tingling.
  6. Continue to pulse or glide until you have covered the area fully. When using a high energy level, as the light flashes are slower, we suggest using the pulsing technique where you work in rows, completing one pulse then moving along in sections. For lower energy levels, as the flashes are more frequent, we suggest using the gliding technique where you slowly glide over the skin, making one motion with the device always touching the skin.
  7. When you are finished, turn the device off by giving the control button an extended press then remove the adapter from the electrical socket.

For more detailed information on using the device, use on varying skin colours or hair colours, and for the expected sessions needed for you, please consult the user manual that accompanies the device.

What’s included

  • Silk’n Glide Unisex Device
  • Adaptor
  • Storage Case
  • User Manual

Why buy from us?

Buying your Silk’n Glide Unisex is an investment in quality so you’d expect a premium Silk’n device. But, with all the questionable companies out there, it can be difficult to know who to trust. To make things simple for you and so you know that you can rely on us, we are Official Silk’n Premium Partners. This means that you will receive a genuine Silk’d device when buying from us, and what’s more, we work directly with the manufacturer so that in the rare case there is anything wrong with your device, it can be sorted as quickly and efficiently as possible.


As when using any new device for the first time, we recommend looking through the complete Silk’n Glide Unisex user manual provided in order to have full knowledge of the product and how to use it. Do not use on children, pregnant women, tattoos, permanent makeup, as well as eczema or any other active skin conditions. If you have recently been tanning (including using artificial tanning machines) or have a darker skin tone, only use the device on energy level 1. Ensure the device is kept away from water and liquids.

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