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Glide 50,000 Laser Hair Removal Device

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Does Silk’n Glide 50,000 really work?

Well yes. Like all Silk’n devices, this model also uses HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technology that combines lower energy level and high power to support long-term removal of unwanted hair. The optical energy from the device is transmitted into the hair follicle through light pulses. After the absorption in the hair shaft, this light energy is transformed into heat that helps disable hair-growing cells, whilst aiming to elimate any adverse effect on surrounding tissue. As the HPL technology uses less energy with high peak power and short pulse duration, it is the safest technology for home-use; not to mention the benefit of having a 2 year warranty!

What is the difference between Pulsing and Gliding?

Silk’n Glide 50,000 features two treatment methods - Pulsing and Gliding. Pulsing is ideal for spot treatment as the device is positioned on the skin and one pulse is emitted at a time. For covering the entire area, the device needs to be repositioned on the next spot one by one. This method should be used when working with higher energy settings.

On the other hand, Gliding allows quicker motion of the device and covers the area swiftly. Just slide the device along the intended area and light pulses will be emitted one after the other. It is perfect for when you’re in a hurry yet are looking for smooth, hair free skin. This method should be used for when working with low energy settings.

How long does each treatment session take?

The time for treating an area with Silk’n Glide 50,000 can vary depending upon the body part you intend to work on and technique you choose. On an average, the device emits one pulse every 1.5 to 3.5 seconds. So, if you are working in Pulsing mode, then treating legs might take 22 minutes, while in Gliding mode it may be just 15!

Directions to use

Silk’n Glide 50,000 is simple to use, all thanks to its ergonomic design. Just select one of the five energy levels, depending on which mode you want to work on – pulsing or gliding. Remember, 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest speed. We reccomend to clean the area you intend to treat with mild soap and water, dry it and shave down to skin level.

What if my skin is exposed to sun recently?

Well, you can still use Silk’n Glide 50,000 to help remove unwanted hair. While most of the traditional laser hair removal devices can’t be used on skin that has been exposed to sun, Silk’n Glide features an energy level specially designed for this purpose. So if you want to treat an area shortly after exposure to the sun, just select the lowest energy level and enjoy smooth and silky skin without any worry.

Suitable for use even on darker complexions

Usually devices based on pulsed light can’t remove hair for people with dark skin tone. But, here is where Silk’n Glide 50,000 scores. You can set the device to a lower energy level and treat a wider spectrum of skin colours. The device features a built-in skin colour sensor, which can inform you if the device is suitable for you or not.

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  • * I used to wax only because i like my wax to last long. With the silk'n i can quickly remove all hair without making a sticky mess everywhere. Plus the silk'n lasts longer than waxing! 5 stars on my side!
  • * great one for helping to reduce my hair in the long term
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