Silk'n Reju

Experience a 69% reduction of lines and wrinkles in just 60 days! Silk'n Reju is a hand held, anti ageing device designed to help eliminate unwanted fine lines from your face. At last a product that does what it says on the box! Reveal amazingly smooth, youthful skin and reduce facial lines in the simplest and safest way possible when using your very own Silk'n Reju.

  • Safe and pain free!
  • Creates smoother skin with reduced wrinkles
  • Suitable for sensitive areas such as the forehead, eye area, cheeks and neck
  • Brightens your complexion and improves skin texture
  • Fades skin patches by 47%
  • Reduces pore sizes by 78%
  • Suitable for men and women
  • Clinically tested and recommended by dermatologists

Reduce facial lines for less than 70p a day when you use Silk'n Reju for a year. This hand held device synergistically combines a matrix of heat and light energy for long-term radiant skin that you deserve. For many people facial lines and wrinkles can not only be ageing but they can also affect your self confidence, so its time to get things changed!


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What is it?

Silk'n Reju is arguably one of the most advanced at-home, anti-aging hand held devices available today. It’s time to reduce facial lines for good as along side improving skin texture this skin solution primarily helps reduce:

  • Fine lines
  • Pores
  • Discoloured spots

Reju uses a mixture of deep thermal heating and fractional red light therapy to stimulate collagen production and reduce facial lines; this helps you achieve long-term radiant skin. Be ready to experience just how smooth, beautiful and vibrant your complexion can really be!

How does it work?

Silk'n Reju uses Home Fractional technology (HF). Home Fractional technology is both a safe and effective way to provide stimulation of heat and light energy to the multiple layers of your skin for a total solution to reduce facial lines. HF technology is a synergistic combination of fractional light and healing heat energy to achieve long-term radiant skin.

The dermal heat used contributes to skin tightening and also targets deep into the skin to heat collagen for ant ageing and dermal regeneration.

The fractional light used helps to gently eliminate ski and replace with newer and younger looking skin. The red light energy prompts increased circulation and new cell turn over.

The LED (Light Emitting Diodes), the red light therapy can reduce the signs of ageing and rejuvenate the appearance of the skin.

Reduce facial lines and pores with Silk'n Reju by targeting the top layer of your skin, which can lead to texture improvements. While HF technology address the top layer of skin, at the same time it also penetrates deeper into the skin layers to address larger wrinkles and spots that are discoloured.

How do I use it?

The is very easy to use, and because each treatment lasts only 15-20 minutes, it can be done from the comfort of your own home without taking up a lot of your time.

-Ensure that your face and neck are cleansed and dry before use

-Remove the device from its base unit and switch on

-The red lights will turn on

-Begin to apply it to the face and neck

-Use small circular motions

-Apply the device to each area for 5-7 minutes to reduce facial lines effectively

-After apply the Dead Sea Mineral Cream to the face and neck

-For the first 4 weeks, you should use on your skin 3 times a week

-For the following 4 weeks you should use on your skin just once a week

When can I see results from my Silk'n Reju?

4 weeks 12 weeks

One of the many great things about the Silk'n Reju is that you are able to start seeing results in a very short space of time. Most results can be experienced within the third and seventh week of regular use. However, you should note that they tend to vary with each individual user. Many users may reduce facial lines and experience a reduction in wrinkles by 69% in just 60 days.

  • 78% of users saw a reduction in their pore size*
  • 91% of users had an improvement in their skin texture*
  • 47% found they had fresher skin*

*These results are based on using the Silk'n Reju for 8 weeks

What do I get in my Silk'n Reju box?

  • Silk'n Reju Device
  • Base Unit
  • Dead Sea Mineral Cream
  • Manual

Safe to use

Yes, the Silk'n Reju is FDA Approved and safe to use. The area of application may become hot however this is normal! The Silk'n Reju is made from high quality materials and manufactured with safety, style and comfort in mind to reduce facial lines. If you do experience any uncomfortable experiences whilst using it, then please do stop. Avoid direct eye contact. Do not consume the cream and avoid contact with eyes.

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