Silk’n Cleansing Box

For Silk’n Glide & Infinity
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The Silk'n Cleansing Box system

It’s important to clean your hair removal device between uses, especially when sharing, but using water could be dangerous and a simple cloth can scratch it and not remove bacteria deep down. This is no longer an issue thanks to the handy Silk’n Cleansing Box.

The secret to its cleaning efficiency lies in its blue LED lights. These are well known for their abilities to fight against bacteria, and even have scientific research on their potential beneficial properties to back this up. With the help of this technology, it makes for simple cleaning that is not only hands-free but also mess-free! Take the effort out of cleaning your devices and spend more time enjoying them with the Silk’n Cleansing Box!

What’s included

  • Silk’n Cleansing Box
  • Glide Cover
  • Infinity Cover
  • 2x LRO3 (AAA) Batteries

How to use

  1. Insert batteries into Cleansing Box.
  2. Select the corresponding cover for your device (Glide or Infinity).
  3. Place your device into the Cleansing Box with the treatment surface face down.
  4. Gently press the device down to press the on/off button and active the box and so the blue LED lights turn on.
  5. Leave your device to clean for 5-6 minutes.
  6. The lights will automatically turn off once cleaning is complete, but if you wish to end early simply press the device down again.


As when you are using any new device for the first time, we recommend reading through the full user manual provided to fully understand the product and how to use it. This device is not intended for children and ensure to keep it away from water. Only press down on the on/off button when the device is in the Cleansing Box, do not operate manually in order to protect your eyes from the concentrated light. As this device has been CE certified, it is safe to use in accordance with EU directives.