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What is Rosacea?

1 in 10 people can be affected by this common skin condition. It generally affects the facial area, although it can be experienced in other areas of the body. The exact causes of the condition are still not completely known, although there are some factors that are more likely to bring it on than others. Certain rosacea products can help to dramatically eliminate the signs of this disheartening and sometimes painful skin condition.

The symptoms can affect many men or women of any age and ethnicity. Some of the main symptoms to look out for include:

  • Erythema, which is redness
  • Inflammatory lesions
  • Acne
  • Telangiectasia (the medical name for spider veins)
  • Burning and stinging sensations
  • Spots (papules and pustules)

If you find yourself experiencing either one or more of these symptoms, it might be worthwhile popping to the doctors to get them checked further and consider using rosacea products to relieve some of the symptoms.

Triggers of Rosacea

There are some triggers believed to link to this common skin condition, these include, hot or cold weather, stress, alcohol, caffeine, spicy foods and menopause. It is these same factors that could also provoke flare-ups in sufferers. However, different people have different triggers. What causes a flare up for one person won’t necessarily do so for you. It could be worth making a symptoms diary to keep tabs on the times of your flare ups and what you have been doing that day, this could help you combat the situation and prevent the condition from worsening.

Is there a cure?

Unfortunately, there are no rosacea products that can offer a permanent solution and as a result it can impact quite significantly on those who suffer with it, both psychologically and physically. Symptoms and signs tend to appear on the face it means it can impact on how a person looks and their self-esteem. Here at LéLuna, we have a number of rosacea products ready to fight off any flare-ups that might occur and help you to restore a healthier complexion you can be happier with.

Using suitable and specific rosacea products can not only improve the physical signs of this skin condition, by lessening lumps and clearing complexion reddening, but also increase how comfortable you feel in your own skin. Allow yourself to live your life without embarrassment and frustration.