Revita Shampoo

205ml Shampoo | High-Power Stimulating Hair Cleansing
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DS Labatories

DS Labatories aim to provide innovative research in each of their products in order to give the best formulas possible, Revita is a natural hair growth shampoo formulated from cutting edge research, Revita uses the finest and most powerful host of natural ingredients designed to help maintain scalp vitality.

How does it work?

Revita hair growth shampoo is totally unique due to the jam-packed hair stimulating compounds in its formula. It contains cutting-edge procyanidin B-2, which has continually demonstrated that it helps promote the restoration of the hairline. Unlike minoxidil, which works only at the crown of your head and doesn’t work for every user, this shampoo covers the entire head and is suitable for most people.

The copper peptides and other compounds help to ensure your scalp is maintained in a healthy way. The amino acids, emu oil and biotin help to nourish hair follicles and support building new stronger hair strands. Ingredients such as caffeine and carnitine tartrate also add to Revita’s innovative formula.

The effectiveness of Revita varies from person to person and the extent of your current cause and level of hair loss. We have received positive feedback from many of our customers about Revita.

How to use

Using Revita hair growth shampoo is easy and can simply replace your normal shampoo. It is advised to gently massage the Revita shampoo into your scalp for 1-2 minutes, after, rinse through with warm water. Apply again and leave the hair growth shampoo on for 3-5 minutes then rinse. If you’re serious about maintaining thicker looking hair, use 5 - 7 times a week.

Safe to use daily

When used as directed and correctly, Revita hair growth shampoo should not cause any unwanted side effects and is suitable for regular daily use if need be.