PyratineXR Cream

57g Cream | Hydrating Formula for Redness

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What is PyratineXR Cream?

PyratineXR Cream is a great 3-in-1 blend that aims to target skin redness, lesions (acne) and improve skin texture. Unlike many other skin products, PyratineXR Cream has been seen to combat the signs of rosacea, eczema and acne, as well as people with conditions such as atopic dermatitis and melasma. This dedicated cream is only available online and almost exclusively available from Lé Luna.

What makes PyratineXR Cream great is it creates a unique blend by using advanced cytokinin technology. This is a natural plant based extract that is known to slow down the ageing process in plants. This extract is included in PyratineXR Cream as it has been established in slowing the ageing process in human cells as well. Help to smooth your fine lines, coarse wrinkles and gently enhance your complexion.

What do doctors say about PyratineXR?

Dr. Andrew Hawrych, M.D., Facial Plastic Surgery Center and Skin Care Spa, Naples, FL said,
"I’ve been recommending PyratineXR to my patients and am very pleased with the product and results. My patients are very pleased and many have made it a staple in their skin care regimen."

Dr. Arisa Ortiz MD, Clinical Fellow, Harvard University,says
"Recent findings, presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, showed progressive improvement in erythema, lesion counts and telangiectases without any adverse effects with continued use."

How does PyratineXR Cream work?

It is designed to intensively moisturise skin, using cytokinin technology alongside a unique blend of extra ingredients. The moisturising properties within PyratineXR Cream can act as a protective barrier for the skin and the cytokinin is directly absorbed into areas that need it the most. It has been revealed that using the product can help to reduce redness, spider veins and lesions associated with rosacea.

The easy to apply and lightweight nature of this rapidly absorbing cream supports it penetrating quickly into the skin. It can be used as the perfect base for makeup or to use when in a hurry.

Graph displaying the percentage of reductions in symptoms after a 12-week clinical trail of Pyratine®

How do I use it?

Using PyratineXR Cream is simple, just clean your face with a mild cleanser, and then apply liberally twice a day. Preferably in the morning and again in the evening.

If you are using the 1 fluid ounce (29.5ml) tube, then it could last you as long as a month. If you have gone for the next size up, 2 fluid ounces (59ml) then it can last two months, maybe even more.

We recommend for the optimum reduction in your symptoms it’s recommended that you use PyratineXR Cream consistantly for 36 – 42 weeks. Always take into account that different symptoms can take different amounts of time to reduce from using the cream.

Are the any side effects?

PyratineXR Cream is designed to be great, even for sensitive skin. Therefore, you shouldn’t experience any side effects when used. However, it’s always advisable to check the ingredients to ensure you aren’t allergic to any. It’s also suggested if you are uncertain, that you carry out a patch test.