PyratineXR Cream

57g Cream | Hydrating Formula for Redness
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The ultra lightweight PyratineXR Cream helps you redness and skin blemishes. Allow your skin to appear wonderfully smooth and radiant in the most painless and easiest way possible using natural plant extracts. This premium cream is the ultimate lightweight option to help you look and feel fabulous.

  • Known to help reduce redness
  • Anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and moisturiser all in one
  • Designed to absorb rapidly, leaving no oily residue on your skin
  • Makeup can be worn after application
  • Just two applications a day, it fits easily into your skincare regime
  • Hypoallergenic and fragrance-free
  • GMP

Pyratine XR Cream

It is designed to intensively moisturise skin using cytokinin technology, a natural plant based extract, alongside a unique blend of extra ingredients. The moisturising properties within PyratineXR Cream can act as a protective barrier for the skin and the cytokinin is directly absorbed into areas that need it the most. The cream is sure to help reduce redness, skin blemishes and ageing areas of skin as well as being a perfect base for makeup.

How do you use the PyratineXR Cream?

Using PyratineXR Cream is simple, just clean your face with a mild cleanser, and then apply liberally twice a day. Preferably in the morning and again in the evening. Always take into account that different symptoms can take different amounts of time to reduce from using the cream.


PyratineXR Cream is designed to be great, even for sensitive skin. Therefore, you shouldn’t experience any side effects when used. However, it’s always advisable to check the ingredients to ensure you aren’t allergic to any. It’s also suggested if you are uncertain, that you carry out a patch test.

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  • I have a lot of redness in my face and hands, this cream has help subside it and it also reducing the ichiness.


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