proto-col Slim Fizz

Are you struggling to control your hunger cravings? Don’t worry. Proto-col Slim Fizz is just what you need to give your weight loss mission an extra boost. Designed to curb your unusual appetite, Proto-col Slim-Fizz helps to reduce unwanted food cravings. Packed with natural ingredient like Glucomannan, Slim-Fizz acts as a natural soluble fibre, which, by expanding in your stomach, gives you the feeling of being full and satisfied for longer period.

  • Contains only 6 calories per glass
  • Helps control your frequent feelings of hunger
  • Designed to curb your appetite
  • Naturally promotes weight loss
  • Made from the Glucomannan fibre
  • Helps lower your cholesterol level
  • Free from gluten, lactose and dairy; no artificial additives
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Slim-Fizz has the delicious taste of orange

Proto-col Slim-Fizz has gained the unparalleled reputation of one of the fastest and most effective appetite suppressants on the weight loss market today.

The unique combination of ingredients gives you the benefit of desired weight loss results if done with proper a routine. Proto-col Slim-Fizz tablets are super light and effective, and are very suitable for those who do not like the idea of swallowing pills. The capsules are readily soluble in water and tastes of orange. This super-light appetite suppressant slimming product works by making you feel less hungry and full up so you eat less and begin shedding surplus fat from your body.

Type: Tablets
Quantity: 30 (2 tubes of 15)
Recommended Dosage: 3 tablets a day
Duration: 10 days
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What is Proto-col Slim-Fizz?

Do you want to be fit and reduce your intake? You can take Proto-col Slim-Fizz, a unique appetite suppressant that effectively works as a slimming agent to your body. It is made from the ground-breaking fibre supplement Glucomannan, which is a natural soluble fibre derived from the high quality of pure Konjac.

With only 6 calories per drink, it is specifically designed to help control unnecessary hunger and reduce cholesterol. With a controlled appetite, you can use Proto-col Slim-Fizz to take your weight loss efforts to another level, provided you follow a calorie-controlled diet. It has become the most popular slimming aid of choice presently available for people who genuinely wish to lose weight. With the effervescent formula of Proto-col Slim Fizz orange tablet, you can regulate your blood sugar and cholesterol level, making you feel less hungry for high-calorie food.

What is Konjac Glucomannan?

Used for over 2000 years by the Chinese to treat various medical conditions Glucomannan is made from the root of the Konjac plant (Amorphophallus Konjac). We all know that self-control is quite difficult when you are presented with luxury food that can make you dig in to. This is where Konjac Glucomannan comes in to its own; it stops you from indulging too much in food you eat and prevents your natural instincts to binge heavily. With its powerful filling effects, Slim-Fizz Glucomannan aids digestion and helps prevent fats and oils from entering your blood stream.

Upon being consumed, Glucomannan comes into contact with water and expands in your stomach and down into intestinal tracts, leaving you with the feeling of fullness so you are less likely to eat often.

How do I take Proto-col Slim-Fizz tablet?

The delicious orange flavour in Proto-col Slim-Fizz tablet form dissolves in water and should be drunk immediately. The tablet dissolves quickly in water and it is important that you drink the water right away to get the best effect. It looks like a fizzy vitamin C tablet and, when dissolved in water, tastes like orange squash.

Drink a glass of water with Slim-Fizz 3 times a day, for best effects. More intake of water makes the job of Proto-col Slim-Fizz tablet more effective.

Who can use the product?

The main ingredient of this slimming product is Glucomannan. As only the purest grade of glucomannan is used, there is no known risk of digestive discomfort. In addition, glucomannan used in Proto-col Slim-Fizz is in its soluble form, which means it doesn’t cause any risk of choking in your stomach. Vegetarian and diabetic patients can also consume it as it is naturally formulated and contains no gluten or lactose.

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