Pure Collagen

400mg 90 Capsules | Natural Skincare Supplement
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Proto-col Collagen Capsules

The reducing level of collagen in our bodies as we get older can leave our skin sagging, our bones weakening, and our muscles struggling to heal from injury. Proto-col Collagen Capsules are designed to help fight these signs of aging by topping up the body's collagen levels.

The pure collagen cells in proto-col Collagen Capsules are derived from a bovine source. This means they are the most similar to human collagen, and therefore the most effective when it comes to collagen supplements.

As these collagen cells are absorbed into the body, they promote an increase in collagen production. This increased collagen moves upward into the skin cells, minimising pores and wrinkles, and helping to give the skin a smoother and rejuvenated appearance.

The internal benefits of proto-col Collagen Capsules aims to improve muscle and ligament reparation and promote stronger bones. It can even help to support the immune system, and prevent the development of joint problems later in life.

Using Proto-col Collagen Capsules

We recommend that you take a minimum of three capsules a day, ideally around 90 minutes after a meal. Please continue treatment for three months. If you are pregnant or using other medication, you should consult a doctor or healthcare professional.

Proto-col Collagen Capsules Ingredients

Proto-col Collagen Capsules contain 1,200.00mg of pure collagen hydrosate. As this is sourced from bovine hide, the proto-col Collagen Capsules are not suitable for vegans or vegetarians.