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We’ve all seen brightly coloured fruits and vegetable such as peppers, mangos, tomatoes and carrots. While they look great, the organic pigments that create these vibrant colours are also high in anti oxidant properties. Have you ever heard the saying that if you eat too many carrots you’ll turn orange? This isn’t far from the truth; a high intake of such powerful carotenoids can alter your skin colour! proto-col Bronze uses this to its advantage in a specialised way and blends 5 key types of carotenoids into its self-tanning products which helps create a natural looking tan for your skin.

What is proto-col Bronze?

Self-tanning products like these are a natural food supplement, designed to give your skin a darker sun kissed look. proto-col Bronze contains 5 natural carotenoids alongside skin benefiting vitamins, to help produce a healthy looking glow for your skin. The health boosting properties also integrated in proto-col Bronze self-tanning products, such as vitamin E, may help boost skin resilience as well as offer one of the safest ways to gain a tan.

Why should I take proto-col Bronze?

Using these self-tanning products could provide you with a whole host of benefits for your health and appearance. Before buying check out some popular reasons why many people may have chosen to take proto-col Bronze:

  • Have fair skin or tend to burn easily
  • Want to avoid harmful UV rays
  • Live in a climate where the weather isn’t always suitable for sunbathing
  • Enjoy having a natural sun kissed appearance

If you can relate to one ore more of the above, taking self-tanning products could be your answer to a happy, healthy and glowing look.

How does proto-col Bronze work?

proto-col Bronze consists of powerful anti-oxidant Vitamin E, this has been used in the cosmetic industry for years now and holds many hydrating and moisturising properties. Such properties can help you achieve a more even, natural and glowing tan. Scientifically tested skin darkening substance Beta-Carotene is integrated into these self-tanning products.

Free radicals can severely damage skin; they are often introduced to your skin by sun and environmental factors. They can forcefully change the skin’s collagen chemical structure and cause multiple breaks in collagen strands, which result in a lack of elasticity and makes skin sag. With the presence of powerful antioxidants in proto-col Bronze, taking these self-tanning products may help to free radical damage and can protect your skin.

We recommend that you take 4-6 capsules a day until you have achieve the desired tan.

After achieving the desired results, reduce your intake to 2-3 capsules per day to maintain your tan to the same level.

Safe to use and convenient to take

Taking proto-col Bronze is easy, take 4 capsules a day for two weeks or until a healthy glow is achieved. Once you have achieved your desired skin tone from these self-tanning products, reduce to 2-3 capsules a day to maintain the healthy sun kissed look.

There are no known side effects of taking proto-col Bronze, although you should always consult your doctor before taking these self-tanning products if you are on any prescribed medication, a heavy smoker or pregnant.