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What is People for Plants Night Cream?

People for Plants night cream is a natural formulation that provides your skin with hydration and detoxification while you sleep. Being derived from nature it is easily absorbed and doesn’t leave behind a greasy film, helping to leave your skin hydrated when you wake. It is aims to help with problematic skin including dryness, acne and even ageing giving you all round protection throughout the night. All of the active ingredients are high in potency so are able to give you the best results possible without causing irritation or dryness.

People for Plants Night Cream:

The People for Plants Night Cream takes very little effort to apply as the formulation is thick but absorbs quickly. This is great for when you just want to get to bed after a long day. When you sleep your whole body including your skin recovers from damage done throughout the day. The cream enhances the body’s natural process to help give you optimum restoration while you sleep. This helps to combat a number of skin problems as well as slowing down the ageing process.

The ingredients in People for Plants night cream have been used for generations to fight a variety of health problems. More recently scientists have been looking into how nature is so valuable in providing the things your body needs without medication. People for Plants have put their vision into action, providing people skincare that is gentle and cruelty free. Vitamin C provides the natural antioxidants and natural collagens help skin keeps its elasticity. The natural hydrating properties help nourish skin during sleep while the body is in repair mode.

Usage Tips

In order to get the most out of this night cream:

  • cleanse first to remove all impurities from the skin
  • a little goes a long way
  • use regularly to maintain and further improve skin
  • relax and enjoy a good night’s sleep

Safe to use

As all of the ingredients in People for Plants night cream are natural they are generally well tolerated by the skin. You should however check the ingredients before using if you have displayed allergies to plants in the past and do not use if any of them have affected you beforehand. Ensure skin is cleansed correctly before applying.