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Keeping your face hydrated is important in helping protect your skin against the elements. The People for Plants day cream is made with only natural ingredients with a promise of never adding alcohol or chemicals to their products. The day cream contains numerous antioxidants to help rid the skin of impurities and fight those that come in contact with your skin throughout the day. It also has natural anti-aging properties to help you look your best each and every day.

  • Contains no sulphates, parabens or alcohol
  • Designed to help improve skin elasticity
  • Supports instant moisture for softer skin
  • Can be worn underneath make up
  • Cruelty free
  • High potency formulation
  • Organic ingredients

The rosehip in the cream contains essential fatty acids which are known to help keep skin at maximum hydration and elasticity levels. By having stronger skin that can spring back into shape you can delay the onset of wrinkles and benefit from plumpness, smoothness and vitality. Being natural the skin is able to tolerate the cream well, unlike chemical products that can interfere with its balance. Feel fresh and ready to face the world in just a few seconds.

What is People for Plants Day Cream?

People for Plants day cream is a rich cream that is full of nutrients to help moisturise and balance your skin throughout the day. It is made from natural ingredients sourced responsibly and is cruelty free so is suitable for use by vegetarians and vegans. Because of the natural ingredients it contains, it is great for all types of skin, even sufferers of eczema and acne. It aims to moisturise deep down into the skin layers to give you all round soft smooth skin and can be worn underneath make up. During the day your skin can become dry due to the elements which can cause loss of elastin. When elasticity is lost skin cannot return to its usual shape as fast and gravity begins to take its toll showing signs of ageing. The anti-oxidant’s that the fomrula contains are able to help combat everyday toxins helping your skin stay fresh and irritant free. If you suffer from acne you will find that the day cream helps to calm the inflammation without causing drying damage to your delicate skin.

People for Plants day cream

The essential fatty acids in People for Plants day cream are excellent for supporting strengthening the skins elasticity top help prevent sagging and wrinkles as you age. The detoxifying properties come from the Shea, Macadamia, gingko and jojoba helping you to fight acne and environmental elements. For many years the ingredients in the day cream have been used in different preparations to help people to look their best, but more so now that ever we are realising the importance of using nature over chemicals.

People that have used the People for Plants day cream are not only noticing a difference themselves, but also noticing they are being complimented on their smooth complexion and radiant glow. It has been publicised highly that in the long term using chemical preparations on the skin can cause damage to the skin and the environment, which is something this all natural product does not. The human body including the skin finds it easier to tolerate and utilise natural ingredients giving you faster effects without side effects whatever your skin type. The essential fatty acids have been clinically proven to help maintain elasticity for longer, which is something that reduces as we get older.

Usage Tips

In order to get the most out of this day cream:

  • use regularly
  • cleanse before bed and apply a night cream for 24 hour moisture
  • not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients
  • warm in palms of hands and apply in a circular motion
  • apply to face and neck in the morning after cleansing

Safe to use?

The natural ingredients in People for Plants day cream are unlikely to cause any type of side effects, however you should read instructions before use and not use if you have reacted in the past to any of them.

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  • Cant get enough of makari, want to try it all


  • Nice cream. Great for everyday use.


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