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Athlete’s Foot ™ by Naturasil

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What is Naturasil Athletes Foot?

While there are several products available on market that claim to treat the Athlete’s Foot infection, it is also true that many of these are formulated with aggressive chemical additives. Chemical based products may not only be ineffective but may also trigger potential side effects such as weakness, liver issues and kidney issues in the long run. Therefore, in order to make athlete’s foot more easily and painlessly curable, Naturasil decided to prepare a natural method to cure this common fungal skin infection and eventually came up with Naturasil Athletes Foot. This easy to apply, all-natural topical formula is specially prepared to reduce the severity of symptoms without causing any pain or irritation.

How do the ingredients of Naturasil Athletes Foot work?

The ingredients of this effective topical formulation are blended in such a way that they penetrate into the layers of fungus infected skin instantly on application. By working in this way, the ingredients inhibit fungal growth. The active key ingredient of this formulation is Sulphur 6X HPUS, which is specially included in the formula for its ability to impair growth of the Tinea fungus. The other ingredients of Naturasil Athlete’s Foot include skin soothing essential oils, which are:

Lemon grass oil:It is included in the formulation for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.

Eucalyptus oil: Similarly to lemon grass oil, this oil too relieves skin inflammation and also provides antimicrobial and pain-killing benefits.

Jojoba seed oil: Especially used in Naturasil Athlete’s Foot for its fungicidal properties.

Lavender oil: An essential oil with multiple benefits, this product makes use of lavender oil’s antibacterial and analgesic properties.

This essential oil too shares the same skin soothing properties as the lemon grass oil.

Patchouli leaf oil- Used for its property of healing dry and itchy skin.

How do I use Naturasil Athletes Foot?

Besides the effectiveness, another striking feature of Naturasil Athletes Foot is it’s easy to use property. The below mentioned 2 easy to follow steps will tell you all about how to use the formula.

  1. Before beginning the use, wash the infected area with water and let it dry.
  2. After the area has dried out, apply the formula 2-3 times a day with help of the inbuilt applicator brush, onto the infection. Continue doing the same until the infection has cleared out.

Is Naturasil Athletes Foot safe to use?

Naturasil Athlete’s Foot is specially prepared to provide a gentle, soothing, effective and side-effects free cure for the athlete’s foot infection. However, to further ensure skin safety check the list of natural ingredients just to be sure you are not allergic to any, before beginning to use the product. And if you are not sure how your skin would react to the formula, consider taking a skin test first. Also, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with your doctor before beginning the use.

How do I order Naturasil Athletes Foot?

With our easy to follow checkout, placing order with us should not take more than a few minutes of your time. So why wait more? Click on “Add to Basket” option to get started. And the best part is you can receive the next day delivery of your Naturasil Athlete’s Foot if your order reaches us before 4pm on any working day.

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