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Natural Hair Straightening Methods

How do women straighten their hair? The two popular methods that women opt for are permanent hair straightening methodsin the salon or using an hair iron like the ghd Platinum or the ghd V Gold Hair Straightener at home.

Beyond these two electronic methods, there are conventional methods of hair straightening that do not require a device or gadget. Simple natural methods can be tried at home in order to get pin straight hair. These natural hair straightening methods at home might be time-consuming but are popular, if executed in the right way. Furthermore, repeated use of these natural methods on your hair helps to keep it smooth and straight in the long term.

Benefits Of Natural Hair Straightening At Home

1.Safe for all hair length and types

Anybody can try these natural hair straightening ideas at home as they are simple to do and can be done by women with all kinds of hair types such as course, smooth or frizzy.

2.Simple and easy to do

All of these natural hair straightening methods are simple and easy to do. You can do them at home providing you have the right components to hand.

3.Aims to keep your hair healthy

As these hair straightening methods do not include any chemically composed ingredients, they are safe to try and will not leave you worrying about the strength of your hair. These are applicable for all hair textures and lengths.

4.Requires no professional or hair stylist

All of these natural hair straightening procedures can be executed by yourself. With simple, easily available products and tools, fortunately, you do not need a professional or salon expert to try these.

Natural Hair Straightening Methods

Here is a list of hair straightening methods that are completely natural and can be done at home. These can all easily be done on your own and aims to leave you confident in the health of your hair.

image of long wet hair

1. Nourishing Oil

You will need : Regular Hair Oil Hair Straightener Brush Wide Tooth Comb
  • Use the wide tooth comb to ensure your hair is frizzy and tangle free.
  • Optionally you can warm the oil on the hob or microwave for a maximum of two minutes.
  • Apply the hot oil in your hair from root to tip.
  • It is important to massage the oil into the hair for maximum nourishment.
  • Once you are satisfied with how the oil is massaged into your hair you can wash it out. Use a natural shampoo like Revita Hair Growth Shampoo at this step to help your hair feel soft and cleansed.
  • You can either air dry your hair or use a ghd Hair Dryer followed by the Eco Masters hair straightener brush to perfect your straight hair.
image of woman straightening hair

2.Blow drying wet hair whilst brushing

You will need : Shampoo Hairbrush ghd Hair Dryer Wide tooth comb
  • This easy hair straightening method starts with a hair wash.
  • After your hair wash, pat out the excess water from your hair.
  • With the wide tooth comb make sure your hair is not left with any knots or tangles.
  • Once the wet hair is straight and smooth, start blow drying with the ghd Hair Dryer
  • Whilst drying your hair with the dryer angled down, keep using the brush from scalp to tip direction to make sure that your hair is straight.
  • It is best to continue brushing your hair straight until it dries completely.
image of long wet hair

3.Overnight ponytail method

You will need : Scrunchies Wide Tooth Comb Scarf
  • Start the overnight ponytail method for hair straightening with a hair wash.
  • Remove extra water from your hair by brushing downwards with the wide tooth comb. Make sure, your hair is not left with knots or tangles. However, your hair should be damp and not dry to try this natural hair straightening at home.
  • Divide your wet hair into many sections to make ponytails. Each ponytail should be thin and straight by the end of the process.
  • Fix each ponytail with one band at the scalp.
  • Now beneath the first band, add another in a gap of two inches, follow this method to the tips of the hair.
  • Wrap your ponytails in a scarf. If the hair is very wet, use the ghd Hair Dryer from over the scarf to make it manageable. Then, go off to sleep.
  • Next morning when you remove your bands, you should have sleek, straight hair. Brush gently to keep your hair straight and smooth.
  • Do not use very tight bands as they may make unwanted waves in the hair.
image of long wet hair

4.Wet Hair Bun Method

You will need : Wide Tooth Comb Hair Tie
  • A wet hair bun can make your hair straight if you can do it in the right way.
  • This natural hair straightening method works with less curly or wavy hair.
  • In the wet hair bun method, you have to first wet your hair from all ends.
  • Use a towel to pat down extra water.
  • Your hair should not have any knots, tangles or twists.
  • When the wet hair is smooth, twist your hair into a neat bun.
  • Fix your hair bun with a hair tie.
  • Leave your wet hair like this until dry.
  • When the hair is dry, remove the hair tie and brush gently to reveal your straight hair.

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