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Master the technique of getting the grey to go away and try out the magic of Melaniq! With these clever little capsules, you can help to transform the tired, dull appearance of hair and fight back against greying hair. No longer do you have to simply put up with the ghostly grey colour; these capsules are here to lock in natural supplements within your hair so that it is cared for and combats any unwanted discolouration.

  • The Melaniq acts as a magician by helping to eliminate grey hairs
  • Aims to keep your hair nourished and noticeably satisfied
  • Combines colour enhancing copper within its magical mixture
  • Helps lighten up your locks and your look!
  • Suitable and super for vegetarians
  • Next day delivery available

The core ingredient of this Oxford Biolabs product is in fact copper, a known immunity and energy enhancing element whilst also it helps to maintain hair pigmentation. Make sure to give this Melaniq a trial if your looking to reduce your greys!

What is the Melaniq®?

Melaniq from the Oxford Biolabs is the magician of hair pigmentation and colour boosting hair care. You may take these organic capsules with water three times a day so that the hair is both nourished and begins to get back its natural colour. Within each bottle contains 90 capsules, each capsule is 100% natural so there’s no need to worry when attempting to amplify the effects of bringing the colour back to your hair.

It is important to keep a close watch on signs of ageing, therefore, if there’s a super natural solution such as the Melaniq; it might be worth giving a try! The world we live in sometimes contains elements which try to harm our hair’s natural colour. For instance, daily pollutants, the feeling of stress and harmful hair products we may have used in our past. Therefore, these clever capsules are here to help combat the signs of harmful elements and promote the revitalisation of hair.

How does the Melaniq® work?

  • Helps combat signs of grey with capsules which care for your hair
  • Makes use of colour enhancing copper
  • Supports the health and longevity of your locks

Are you tired of trying to get the grey to go away? With this specially formulated supplement, the process of greying hair may slow down and encourage your usual colour to shine through. Plus, it isn’t just copper that is used in these carefully curated capsules. Alongside other elements, it includes vitamin D to keep the hair healthy and to support its shine. As well as a splash of catalase which helps to capture and control the process of greying hair in the early stages of colour transformation.

Why choose the Melaniq® ?

Melaniq aims to target hair that has been worn down by ageing, stress and daily pollutants. It contains completely natural ingredients which are purposefully placed within the capsules to help enhance the hair’s original colour and healthy state. What’s special about this supplement is its use of copper which aims to care for the natural colour of our hair and keeps the strand’s strength sustained. If you’re looking for a product which supplies many beneficial nutrients into one capsule, then this is the one to try!


You may take three capsules a day with a glass of water. There are no restrictions on what time you should take these supplements, that’s what makes these capsules so clever is you can work them around your schedule. We do advise, however, that you take these during meals and not on an empty stomach! You can take the Melaniq all at once or separately but you must only take 3 a day and follow the recommended dosage. Please do check the label for any ingredients which you think you might be allergic to just in case.

When taking the Melaniq capsules it is best that you keep to the dosage and the schedule so that their effects are sustained. We advise that you take them over a prolonged period of time and we must remind you that this product will not completely reverse the effects of your greying hair. They do, however, aim to slow down the process of greying in a natural and organic way.

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