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Makari Peel Off Mask by Makari

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What is the Makari Peel Off Mask?

Makari Peel Off Mask is, as the name suggests, is a face mask which you leave on your skin, let dry and then peel off to reveal the appearance of better, healthier skin. Continuous use may help make difference in the complexion and general health of the skin.

How does the Makari Peel Off Mask work?

The Makari Peel Off Mask is infused with Caviar which is a Caspian sea species and is packed with protein, amino acids, vitamins and micro-elements. It is also enriched with the skin-lightening, purifying and detoxifying ingredients.


Makari Peel Off Mask is recommended for oily and blemish prone skin types.

We recommend that you apply a thin layer on your face, paying special attention to the forehead, temples, nose and chin areas.

Once you have applied the solution relax for 15 minutes while the mask dries.

After the 15 minutes relaxing, slowly peel off the face mask and reveal your beautiful looking skin.

Safe to Use

Like all products of the Makari range and all products on the Lé Luna site, Makari Peel Off Mask is a natural and safe method of exfoliation that uses natural and high-quality ingredients to help you achieve beautiful skin. However, we do recommend that you read the ingredient list.

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