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Make yourself feel great with Makari! Our Exclusive Complete Range is packed with skin illuminating products which aim to caress your skin with healthy and natural ingredients. This range supports skin brightening and enhancement with its wonderful all-natural whitening agent, organiclarine. Each product within this Makari range aims to restore your skin back to its natural radiance and may be used by both men and women! If you fancy getting your hands on one of these marvellous Makari packages, you will receive:

  • Exclusive Lightening Body Lotion (500ml)
  • Exclusive Toning Face Cream (50ml)
  • Exclusive Brightening Serum (50ml)
  • Exclusive Lightening Gel (30g)
  • Exclusive Lightening Soap (200g)
  • Next day delivery is available

Makarai’s packages promote prime ingredients such as organiclarine (an all-natural whitening agent) and a mixture of natural elements, vitamin C and aloe vera. These products also help to hydrate and moisturise your skin so that it feels luxuriously soft. Plus, the natural ingredients also aim to work together and help fade away dark spots and discolouration.

What is the Makari Exclusive Complete Range?

What makes this Makari range so exclusive is its complete collection of nutritious products. It contains the Makari Exclusive body lotion and toning cream to help with any unwanted skin defects. It features a highly effective body serum which harnesses ingredients such as Vitamin E, C, organicalrine (a naturally based skin lightening substance) and melanin inhibitors.

Guess what? It doesn’t stop there, the range also contains Makari Exclusive Toning Face Gel which contains a beneficial concentration to help your face feel healthy again. Another added bonus is the exclusive exfoliating soap which is rich with antioxidants, vitamins and even more of that valuable organicalrine!

With the use of organiclarine and other plant extracts, the Makari Exclusive Range for the body feels extra organic! This skin lightening collection aims to help the skin with various issues. For instance, the products hope to tackle hyperpigmentation, they wish to reduce the visibility of dark patches, scars, acne and blemishes and most importantly, they aim to leave the skin radiant and healthy. What makes the Makari Exclusive Range feel so complete is its assortment of products and its special blend of natural ingredients to help achieve visibly clearer and brighter skin.

How does the Makari Exclusive Complete Range work?

  • It charms you with high-quality ingredients
  • Helps to radiate and promote youthful looking skin
  • Combines everything you need into one set!

The Makari Exclusive Complete Range offers you a range of products rich with nutrients. Each product in this package aims to leave your skin feeling happier and healthier! The main ingredient in this range has to be the organiclarine which is a known natural skin lightening substance. This ingredient not only promotes an unprecedented lighter glow, it also helps to reduce the hyperpigmentation in the skin and aims to gradually fade dark spots and skin discolouration. Your skin is fragile and deserves the best of care!

Why choose the Makari Exclusive Complete Range?

The five products featured the range are composed of natural ingredients specifically sourced by Makari. The products hope to reduce the effects and the speed of melanin formation in your skin. The Makari Exclusive combination pack may provide you with everything you could ever need.


Organiclarine may just astonish you after you take a look at a couple of its dermatological qualities:

Did you know that organiclarine can be extracted from the roots of a white mulberry tree?

Time takes its toll! Sometimes over time our skin may become a little bit dull and unloved if we don’t hydrate or moisturise it regularly. This kit, packed with organic organiclarine greatness may be your answer to revitalised skin!

Additionally, organiclarine is an active ingredient which helps to reduce melanin production naturally without any known side effects. Nothing quite beats the beneficial effects given to us by natural ingredients!

As these products are made from natural products, Makari Exclusive Complete Range is a safe way of maintaining healthy skin. There are no known side effects as the product is completely natural. We also advise you to check the ingredient list and make sure there are no personal allergens you might react to in the product. The products in this range are intended for external use only.

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