Makari is a high quality and natural skin care brand, specifically designed to help promote skin health and help with restoring the skin natural tone. The Makari range is completely bleach and hydroquinone free, protecting your skin from unwanted chemicals.

About Makari

Makari is a luxury skin care brand that promotes diverse beauty and the health and quality of your skin. Makari have spent years of research to bring you the finest range of products that focuses on promoting beautiful skin. It all began when New York based Businessman Jack Aini noticed the overabundance of skin care products for light skinned people, and hardly any products catering for darker skin complexions. Jack Aini later partnered with a well-known Belgian chemist Maurice Bertrand and together they created the well known innovative MAKARI DE SUISSE range, a line of luxurious skincare and cosmetics.

All Makari products are manufactured in Switzerland, a country known for its the high quality products. When Makari first started its product range it consisted of seven products but due to its popularity and success it has now increased to over 60 and is still growing. Makari aims to provide skin care products for people who may have not had much of an option before.


Makari products are recognised worldwide and have been successful due to the quality and power of the products that focus on skin complexion. Their products can be found in more than 50 countries spread across Europe, Africa, America and Asia - all of which they have been market leaders in the first two for more than 10 years. We are proud to offer their products as part of our range at Lé Luna. If you have struggled in the past trying to find a skin care product that is suitable for your skin, then this unique and carefully designed product range could be the start of a new beginning.

Makari is well known for it skin lightening properties and revealing a brighter and glowing complexion, the products also aim at moisturising and unclogging polluted pores to give you fresher and healthier skin.

How Makari products are manufactured?

The production of the high quality products follow strict GMP guidelines for the pharmaceutical industry and adhere to the strictest norms in quality applicable in Europe and the US, making them the preferred skin care whitening product in those 2 continents. The manufacturing facility is in a small town called Aigle, in Switzerland.

The main skin lightening agent used in Makari products is Vegeclarine, which is a 100% natural plant extract that is effective in whitening and clarifying. Makari also has a range of products that use caviar extracts in addition to vegeclarine. Makari believe that this combination of ingredients can offer skin tightening and wrinkle removing effects. Caviar has been researched by the scientists at Makari and they found that caviar has been proven to reduce the signs of aging, making the skin plumper, more supple and helping your skin look younger.

What are the active ingredients in Makari products

Caviar – Caviar has been subjected to countless hours of research and testing and Makari have discovered that Caviar can provide skin hydrating effects as well as being rich in amino acids and essential fatty acids.

Natural Plant Extracts – All of the products offered are made from natural ingredients, plant extracts and vegetable oils that are effective in providing care for the skin.

Organiclarine - Organiclarin comes from the roots of the white mulberry growing in Asia. It is this ingredient that helps to reduce the production of melanin naturally.

Makari uses caviar in the production of some of their cosmetic products as caviar has been proven to provide optimal hydration to the skin. It is naturally rich in amino acids and essential fatty acids, caviar is a great source of energy and also hold revitalizing properties.

Makari products only use natural ingredients in the products. The brand uses different varieties of plant extracts, essential oils and vegetable oils to give you the highest quality skincare products.

Organiclarine comes from the roots of the white mulberry, growing in Asia. Its one the most important ingredients in the makari range of products as it promotes the production of melanin naturally.

What is the Makari Extreme Range

The Makari Extreme Range fights against all the hyper pigmentation problems, such as dark spots, acne and sunpatches. Continuous use of the Extreme range can help reveal beautiful skin and a glowing complexion.

Extreme Carrot and Argan Soap – used as an exfoliator to prepare the skin before applying the toning gel or moisturising lotions and creams.

Extreme Carrot and Argan Cream - Helps lighten the skin tone and fights against dark spots. It also helps to moisturise the skin.

Extreme Carrot and Argan Lotion - Makari Extreme Lotion with argan and carrot oil is packed with natural vitamins and glycerin. The natural oils lighten the skin complexion without damaging your skin leaving the skin tone clear and healthy.

Extreme Carrot & Argan Gel - Makari Extreme Carrot & Argan Gel includes the same ingredients as the other products in the complete combo, a highly beneficial combination of concentrated active agents that helps achieve a brighter skin tone.

Extreme Carrot & Argan Serum - Is the most concentrated product of the extreme range, combining highly effective ingredients such as Vitamin E, C, organicalrine and melanin inhibitors, this powerful combination combats hyper-pigmentation problems, leaving your skin looking younger and more healthy.

What is the Makari Exclusive Range

The Exclusive range contains all of the products that are needed to help eliminate discoulouration, dark spots and uneven skin tone. It also is effective in giving your skin a brighter and radiant skin complexion.

Exclusive Lotion for the Body – This product uses organiclarine combined with plant extracts to produce highly effective skin lightening and hyper pigmentation reducing effects.

Exclusive Toning Cream for the Face – specially designed to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and blemishes on the face. Applying this cream daily will help increase radian and brighten your skins complexion.

Exclusive Serum for the Body – This serum is designed specifically to protect, lighten and repair the skin. The ingredients consist of a higher concentration and is thicker in texture. The use of Organiclarine reduces the hyperpigmentation in the skin.

Exclusive Toning Gel for the Face – The exclusive toning gel for the face provides the most effective ingredients that help tackle hyper pigmentation, dark spots, scars and wrinkles. It is 100% naturally made and is suitable for all skin types and is 100% hydroquinone free.

Exclusive Exfoliating Soap – This exfoliating soap is essential in the removal process of dead skin cells, it is important to remove dead skin cells to allow the other Makari products to work effectively on the skin without flaking or being blocked by dry and dead skin cells. The use of Organiclarine and plant extracts together help repair and clear the skin naturally.