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Caviar Clarifying Gel by Makari

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What is the Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel?

This innovative revolutionary new formula contains the main active ingredient caviar that has been found to contain many beneficial properties to the skin. The caviar included in the formula is a certain species that has a similar cell structure to the human skin enabling enhanced rejuvenation and effectiveness in lightening and radiating the skins complexion. It is produced in a gel like form because gel reacts to the skins epidermis much differently to creams or serums. The gel absorbs quicker and penetrates deeper into the epidermis to help give a better longer lasting result.

Why Choose the Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel?


Caviar extract: This unique ingredient is extremely rich for the skin and the body. A natural ingredient with many benefits. Caviar has many properties to combat the visible signs of age and dryness of the skin.
Chamomile Extract: This naturally soothing plant helps to act against inflammation, irritation and redness. It also adds a natural therapeutic fragrance to the Gel.
Mauve Extract: This plant has soothing effects thanks to its anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. This natural wonder ingredient will soothe and soften your sensitive skin.
Extracts of blackberries: This Asian native fruit has many medicinal properties. These include strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits to the human biology.
Pansy Extract: Rich in vitamin E, this flower helps to slow the production of sebum and helps to fight against a number of skin diseases: psoriasis, acne and rosacea are a few to name.
Liquorice root extract: This root is most commonly used to fight against various skin diseases. This essential element helps soothe and gently heal the sensitive skin that is affected.


Apply the Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel liberally to a clean and freshly washed face. You can then apply a moisturiser. We recommend the Makari Caviar Face Cream.

Gently cleanse your skin. We advise you to plan, on average, one exfoliation per week. Gently massage when exfoliating and try to make sure as many dead skin cells have been exfoliated for best results.

Then apply the Makari lightening gel on the area you want to treat. Make small circular movements to activate the ingredients and let it absorb into the layers of skin for 5-10 minutes.

Gently cleanse your skin gently with a cotton pad or a soft skin glove and then dry your skin thoroughly. Make sure you dry it properly; this allows for better results.

Just like the morning treatment, apply the gel on the parts of your body that you want to treat. We advise you to make small circular movements on your skin until the solution is totally absorbed into the skin.

Safe to Use

The Makari Caviar infused Gel has been formulated to be safe and gently to all skin types and tones. The ingredients is quality assured and no known side effects are present with the gently formulation of this new range. We do however recommend that you read the ingredients label carefully and if you see anything that brings up question you should perform a spot test or contact your local doctor.


Ordering the Makari Caviar Clarifying Gel couldn't be easier on Lé Simply follow the checkout procedure listing different payment and delivery methods to suit you and fill in the details required. Every Makari order will come with a free sample from another one of their luxury skin care range giving you the option to test the other products out before you make any decisions. Next day delivery is available long as the order is purchased before 4pm the day prior.

Customer Reviews

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  • * Been using for a week and my skin feels hydrated, but my fine wrinkles don't seem to have changed that much! I thought the results would be quicker, but will persist.
  • * I am a 55 year old with a dark complexion and this gel really does sooth and stretch my wrinkles out to make my skin much more subtle and soft. Have recommended to friends at church!
  • * My skin feels much more hydrated and using it with the body milk really has changed my complexion.
  • * Used daily in the morning and night for 2 months and my wrinkles are slowly disappearing! Will continue to use.
  • * Love it, my wrinkles are less and the stubborn ones are slowly going too
  • * My skin is lighter and radiant. I really do love this gel. the gel itself soothes with the cooling effect it gives and isnt harsh to my sensitive skin