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Body Beautifying Milk by Makari

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What is the Makari Beautifying Milk?

Makari Beautifying Milk is more than fancy packaging. It is a clinically-designed body milk which aims to give immediate gratification by moisturising, softening and re-pulping the skin whilst also gradually improving the evenness of your skin tone. Makari Beautifying Milk is infused with anti-ageing skincare ingredients to help maintain healthy and youthful looking skin.

Why use Makari Body Beautifying Milk?

Makari Body Beautifying Milk is an effective skin lightening lotion, which also nourishes and hydrates. It combines multiple essential skin care elements into one successful formula for your ease-of-use and convenience. Compared to other skin lightening products, Makari Beautifying Milk contains no harsh chemicals or toxic ingredients that could potentially harm and damage your skin. Instead, it derives its ingredients from nature’s sources, making it a safe and effective way of treating the skin.

Main Ingredients

Evening Primrose:
Makari Body Beautifying Milk contains Primrose Oil which is known to fight ageing by firming and smoothing the skin. It also reduces redness by soothing and calming the skin and injects it with essential fatty acids which can even fight extreme conditions such as eczema.

Mulberry Root Extract:
Native to China, this extract has been known to help lighten age spots and works wonders at evening out the complexion. It works by preventing melanin-inducing enzymes from forming, thus reducing hyperpigmentation.

Bearberry Extract:
Traditionally used in Northern Europe, bearberry extract is the new clinically-proven way of naturally lightening skin. It contains arbutin which is a botanical-based compound which also stops the formation of melanin-producing enzymes.

Carrot Oil:
Rich in antioxidants, Carrot Oil stimulates and rejuvenates skin while also fighting against age spots. Carrot oil moisturises, builds the skin barrier and protects it from impurities.

Licorice Extract:
Liquorice extract is yet another lightening and brightening ingredient which works differently from harsh chemicals by reducing the number of melanin-producing enzymes in the body, hence reducing hyperpigmentation.

Hawthorn Extract:
Makari Body Beautifying Milk is infused with Hawthorn Extract as it gives glowing skin and a healthier, more radiant appearance. Hawthorn Extract is incredible for its high antioxidant levels and excellent healing properties.

When should I expect to see results?

Results from Makari Body Beautifying Milk can vary from person to person. Generally, after a few weeks of regular use, you will start to gain skin-enhanced results as well as a lighter skin tone.


The Makari Body Beautifying Milk is very easy to use. Simply apply a thin layer of the skin lightening lotion across your body and face. We recommend that you always clean your face thoroughly before using the Makari Body Beautifying Milk to ensure maximum absorption of the product. Apply twice a day to obtain the best results possible.

Safe to use

At Lé Luna, we care about our customers. This is why our products are carefully selected to be natural as well as effective. There are no known side effects from using Makari Body Beautifying Milk. However, we recommend that you check the ingredient deck thoroughly before use to make sure you aren’t allergic to anything. If you are still unsure, test a small amount of the skin lightening lotion on your forearm to see if you experience any reaction. Always avoid contact with your eyes at all times.


Makari Body Beautifying Milk is a few clicks away from your home! Simply use the “add to basket” button and head to checkout where you will be guided through to our easy payment system and asked for your preferred method of delivery. For your convenience, we provide a quick next day delivery service.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5
Reviews 12

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  • * Love what it is doing to my skin, this is the second time I have bought this product and will continue too.
  • * I had acne scarring all over my back and using this lotion has evened it out very well. I am a male and my girlfriend was using this product and told me it was doing wonders to her skin, so I thought why not try! It has really worked wonders on my tone/
  • * Making my skin beatiful! Love it!!
  • * 4th time bought, will continue!
  • * Started to get my confidence back with this radiant glow!
  • * Been using this product for 4 years on and off, everytime it does what I expect it too.. and all without the crappy hydroquinone that most lightening products have.
  • * this body milk is amazing. It lightens slowly and mildly along with complementing my skin with a soft touch
  • * Great product with great results. Does what it says for once!!!!!! But pricey but I see the complete range can now be bought for a discount on the site, I will be sure to buy that next time and try the rest of the range out.
  • * I love this product! I am a 45year old woman and I have been using products with hydroquinone and they are really harsh to my skin with a slight burning sensation when i use them. This product does the same thing without all the harshness of quinone. Bit pricey, but good product.
  • * Been purchasing this for a year now and all I can say is its fantastic. My only problem is with the bottle and not the product! it has a open cap so can sometimes pour out rather than get the amount specified - other than that i'll be using Makari and especially this product from them for years to come
  • * Good product, would recommend and buy again... and I don't normally say or leave reviews
  • * I have been using skin lightening products for a while and tried a range of different brands and products. This product is by far the best. It evens the tone out very well and acts as a nourishing moisturiser to the skin! I no longer use my moisturisers and other lightening products now I have found this! Ambi Fade Cream and the Palmers eventone fade products always dried out my skin and even made it peel when used over a course of time, I have been using this for 3 months now and I see change and healthy skin rather than change and unhealthy skin! I had to let people know that this product was by far the best in my own testing of products for this cause. I will add, I have been using other products within the makari range with this milk, so maybe my results were good because of that... all I know is, it has done what I have been looking for many months!