Khadi Neutral Senna/Cassia

100g Powder | Herbal Hair Colour Enhancement
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We all want dyeing our hair to be worth it - for that added hue to be vibrant and glossy! Especially created to coordinate with their range of natural hair colours, Khadi chose one beloved herb for their Neutral Senna/Cassia. Used just like henna, it’s utterly colourless, for thicker-looking, stronger and softer strands.

  • Colourless herbal nourishment
  • Naturally enhances existing dye
  • Pure, organic Senna a.k.a Cassia
  • Works to strengthen & care
  • Also adds vibrancy & shine
  • 15-60 minute treatment time

  • Vegan Range
  • Paraben free
  • Silicon free
  • SLS free
  • Organic

Khadi Neutral Senna/Cassia

Known also as Senna italica, this plant has long been thought of a ‘neutral henna’, whose abilities can enhance dyed hair’s vibrancy, shine and glow. As part of Khadi’s natural hair colouring range, it’s used in premium, unadulterated form. Strands are left looking thickened and feeling stronger, while blonde hair may be left a little lighter, banishing brassiness. On dark hair, your chosen shade is unaltered. Its varnish-like coating instills a soft sensation and luxuriant scent.


Cassia Obovata Leaf Powder (Cassia).


Khadi Senna/Cassia can be used as a natural, regenerating hair treatment. If your hair is damaged, chemically lightened or naturally blonde, use once or twice before colouring with Khadi natural hair dye. This prepares your hair’s structure, so that your hair can take on any colour evenly. Use occasionally on dyed or dark hair to nourish and add shine.

First of all, wash your hair with a silicone-free shampoo, and towel dry. If you like, for extra nourishment you can use Khadi hair oil at this point as well. Mix the powder with hot water until you have a smooth paste, then apply from roots to tips. If your hair is light in colour, rinse after fifteen to twenty minutes. If your hair is darker, do so after up to an hour. Rinse until the water runs clear and there is no more residue.

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  • Really enjoy using this product, I combine it with khadi pure henna and it looks fantastic


  • Gorgeous super-conditioner, amazing treatment, so glossy and shiny


  • Love this! Been dyeing my hair for years and it’s really taken a toll, looks so dull and flat. This has brought it back to life again!


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