Khadi Neutral Senna/Cassia

Herbal Hair Colour Enhancement

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Are you looking for a natural way to reinforce your hair from within? Khadi have made the most of the power of plants with their Neutral Henna Cassia. Without colouring your hair, this special powder, mixed simply with water, can enhance the beauty of your hair and it can be coordinated with their range of natural hair dyes. Khadi's Neutral Senna/Cassia is used just like henna except it’s utterly colourless to enhance the colour of your hair, whilst giving thicker-looking, stronger and softer strands.

  • 100% natural Cassia powder
  • Ideal to use as a hair mask
  • Perfect on damaged and stressed hair
  • Easy to apply, just add water and mix
  • Colourless formula
  • No chemical ingredients

  • Vegan
  • Paraben free
  • Silicon free
  • SLS free
  • Ekologisk

What is Khadi Neutral Senna/Cassia?

Known also as Senna italica, this plant has long been thought of as ‘neutral henna’, whose abilities can enhance dyed hair’s vibrancy, shine and glow. As part of Khadi’s natural hair colouring range, it’s used in premium, unadulterated form. Strands are left looking thickened and feeling stronger, while blonde hair may be left a little lighter and revived. On dark hair, your chosen shade is unaltered. Its varnish-like coating instills a soft sensation and luxuriant scent.

How do you use Khadi's Dark Brown henna?

  • Wash your hair well, preferably with a natural shampoo that does not contain silicones or substances that can weigh down the hair.
  • Dab the hair with a towel and mix the powder with hot water to create a smooth and creamy paste.
  • Wear disposable plastic gloves and apply the paint evenly on the hair, avoiding contact with the skin.
  • Wrap your hair with a plastic wrap, a shower cap or the towel itself to keep the colour warm.
  • Leave to act for fifteen to twenty minutes if you have lighter hair, and up to an hour if you have darker hair, then rinse thoroughly.

Beauty tips from Khadi

Using plant powders such as Cassia in your hair care routine is very simple and does not alter hair colour. If you have previously dyed or bleached your hair though, we suggest you to use a small amount on your hair to see the result.

Cassia powder is the perfect partner to personalise your homemade beauty natural hair mask; you can mix it with yoghurt, honey and other special ingredients.

Sometimes Cassia can dry the hair; if this occurs, you can add a few drops of a botanical hair oil and it will give your hair the perfect hydration, with no frizziness.

Full list of ingredients

Cassia Obovata Leaf Powder (Cassia).

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  • Really enjoy using this product, I combine it with khadi pure henna and it looks fantastic

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  • Gorgeous super-conditioner, amazing treatment, so glossy and shiny

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  • Love this! Been dyeing my hair for years and it’s really taken a toll, looks so dull and flat. This has brought it back to life again!

    I Isabella leluna logo in watermarks, leading supplement brand

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