Khadi Middle Blonde

100g Powder | Organic Hair Dye

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Blondes might have more fun - but getting the right colour isn’t always fun for your hair! To give your strands a nourishing, loving colour boost, Khadi crafted the Middle Blonde all-natural dye. With incredible natural factors, it gives your locks nourishing care and a spectacular shade. It covers white and grey hairs, as well as giving a luscious shine and tint to already blonde hair. Try it now, and realise how gorgeous your hair can be!

  • Colours & tints blonde hair
  • Perfect for greys & whites
  • Also conditions & nourishes
  • 100% natural formulation
  • Gioves shine & volume
  • 1 pack covers shoulder length

  • Vegan
  • Paraben free
  • Silicon free
  • SLS free
  • Organic

Khadi Middle Blonde

Blonde hair is a beautifully eye-catching colour - but sometimes it loses its vibrancy, shine and bounce! Equally, many of us wish our grey hairs would fade into the background so that we don’t have to. Khadi Middle Blonde uses a brilliant range of all natural, herbal ingredients, with adaptable Henna at the heart, to seal in luscious colour. A range of other whole leaf powders tone, balance and cool the colour, for an utterly gorgeous blonde. And while it’s there, it locks in nourishment, hydration and softness. You’ll be flicking your sunny locks with joyful pride once more!


Cassia Auriculata Leaf Powder*, Indigofera Tinctoria Leaf Powder*, Lawsonia Inermis Leaf Powder*, Juglans Nigra Husk Powder, Punica Granatum Rind Powder, Uncaria Gambir Extract, Terminalia Chebula Fruit Powder*, Jatropha Curca Leaf Powder, Quercus Infectoria Gall Extract, Aegle Marmelos Rind Powder, Rheum Emodi Root Powder, Adhatoda Vasica Leaf Powder, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Powder*, Caesalpinia Sappan Wood Powder, Cordia Dichotomous Leaf Powder*.

* certified organic.


Before overall use, a strand test is recommended, as different base colours will take the dye differently. Wash and towel dry your hair, ideally using a natural shampoo, as silicone may interfere with the colour. Towel dry hair and wrap it in a towel, to keep it damp, while you mix the powder with water to make a thick paste. With plastic gloves on and taking care to keep the product off your face, apply thoroughly to your hair, ensuring even coverage. Use a plastic wrap, shower cap or towel to retain warmth. Leave on for thirty minutes to two hours, and thoroughly rinse off.