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28g | Natural Keratin Hair Fibers

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What is the KeratinMD Hair Fiber?

To begin, they are 100% natural and aim to strengthen existing hair. With the colour-locking effect of the formula, they remain undetectable without staining your head or leaving any evidence that you used a hair enhancement product. All you need to do is sprinkle the KeratinMD fibers on top of any areas you wish to enhance, for instance, receding hairlines and bald patches. Once the fibers have been placed upon your hair, they will not budge! Even if you are running around or stuck in windy weather, they will stand strong. If you wish to remove the fibers, simply wash them out with shampoo.

Due to the swiftness of this hair revival technique, the KeratinMD product is a cost-effective hair enhancement experience that aims to leave you feeling transformed!

How does the KeratinMD Hair Fiber work?

  • Aims for optimal results with organic elements
  • Helps to boost your hair’s strength as well as your confidence
  • Maintains its strength and sticks to existing hair

The ingredients in this KeratinMD Hair Fiber are what helps keep this product strong and long-lasting. The main feature of the product is the use of Keratin which powerfully places protein back into the air, supporting leaving it looking smoother and revitalised. Additionally, this product also contains elements of hair-strengthening silica which is actually a key micronutrient in hair restoration.

Why choose the KeratinMD Hair Fiber ?

What’s so superb about this particular hair fiber you may wonder? Well, did we mention that it may be used by both men and women and that it aims to enhance the natural appearance of hair; with added shine and volume? KeratinMD Hair Fiber fixates itself on styling your hair to your desired standard and maintaining a natural, fuller feel. Plus, there’s also an added bonus to this product. If you are worried about the fibers not matching up to your current hair colour, do not fret! The range of fiber shades are designed to blend in with your hair so it is not obvious that any major changes have taken place.


Simply sprinkle the fibers onto the desired areas of coverage and let the KeratinMD work its magic! The fibers will statically cling to your hair and naturally build up its volume so that your hairstyle appears fuller and thicker. However, if you fancy taking out the fibers, simply wash them out with shampoo.

The KeratinMD is safe to use and there are no known side effects. Nevertheless, we recommend that you check the natural ingredients label for anything that you might be allergic to. Also, the fibers used by this product are actually biodegradable so you don’t have to worry about the fibers blocking up your drains! It’s beneficial for you and it’s also beneficial for the environment!