KeratinMD® Fixing Spray

118ml Spray | Interlinking Spray for Natural Hair and Keratin Fibers
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Hair Thinning and Baldness

The problem of hair thinning and baldness is common for both men and women; heredity and hormonal changes are some of the commonly known reasons for hair loss. Most importantly, there is no right age or time that hair thinning can start. The immediate goal is for that one shampoo, hair oil or supplement that can alleviate the hair thinning problem and help evolve new hair on the scalp. Though several such hair thinning remedies are available in the market, the results are uncertain.

KeratinMD® Fixing Spray for Hair Fiber

Hair experts in the KeratinMD Laboratories formulated two products aiming to help the problem of hair thinning. First, to conceal the exposed areas of your scalp with KeratinMD Hair Building Fibers and then the KeratinMD® Fixing Spray helps to integrate and secure the hair fibers to your scalp. The spray helps to strengthen the bond between the hair fibers and your hair, making it appear natural. The Keratin spray helps to protect the keratin hair fibers from the UV rays of the sun and also helps them to last longer in the hair.

Keratin® Fixing Spray for Hair Fiber Use

We recommend using KeratinMD® Fixing Spray for Hair Fibers in the following ways along with the KeratinMD Hair Building Fibers –

  • Use a comb to arrange your hair first to find out regions where you have the visible scalp.
  • Sprinkle the KeratinMD Hair Building Fiber in the exposed areas of your scalp.
  • After this, apply KeratinMD Hair Building Fiber Spray to set the fibers.

The Keratin products can be used along with other hair care treatments and cosmetics.