KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers

With KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers you can make your hair look fuller instantly! Made from natural keratin protein powder, these fibres can cover up your thinning gaps by adding extra body to your thinning locks, in just about 30 seconds. Best part? With these undetectable KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers stuck strongly to your strands, no one will ever know the secret behind your naturally great looking hair!

  • This product is composed of 100% natural keratin powder
  • Charged with static electricity to stay strongly bonded with your strands
  • KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers is rain, perspiration and wind resilient
  • Fills thinning gaps by increasing hair thickness in just 30 seconds
  • Results last all day and night until you shampoo your hair
  • Available in 9 different hues for you to find your best match
  • To benefit from next day delivery order before 4 pm on any working day

Have your bald patches lowered your self-esteem to the extent that you refrain from attending social gatherings to avoid embarrassment? You can quit worrying now. With KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers, you can enliven your hair instantly!


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What is KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers?

This product is specially prepared to act as an instant solution that could cover up thinning gaps by increasing the diameter of your thinning strands. It does so with help of the organic keratin powder (keratin is the same protein our hair is made of) it is made from. Another striking feature of this product is that it is available in 9 different colours and thus, it offers an undetectable and natural-looking transformation to your thinning hair. And if none of the 9 colours suit your original hair colour, you can always mix and match two or more KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers to create a hue that is a perfect match to your hair.

How does KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers work?

Composed of keratin powder, when these fibres are applied they stick to your thinning strands and make them grow thicker instantly. As the thickness of your hair strands increase, the area of adjacent bald patches reduces. What makes KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers stay strongly bonded with your strands is the fact that these are charged with static electricity and thus, they intertwine with your hair and remain so all day and night until you wash them off.

How do I use KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers?

This easy to use product needs just a few minutes of your time to get your hair looking attractive and full looking. All you need to do is make sure that your hair is completely dry and then sprinkle a generous amount of the Building Fibers onto the problematic area. Following this, gently pat out the powder to ensure it is dispersed evenly within your hair. And as you do this, within just 30 seconds or so, you will see your thinning gaps disappear and your hair will transform and look more voluminous.

For men:

For women:

For best results and to further secure the bond between your hair strands to the KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers, use KeraFiber Hold Spray after applying the fibres.

Is KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers safe to use?

You needn’t worry about any potential side effects when using this product as it is infused with all naturally derived ingredients. However, for further user-safety, it is advised that you check the ingredient list first to ensure you are not allergic to any.

Contents in KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers

The ingredients used in the preparation of KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers are- 100% natural Keratin (the main ingredient), Cetrimonium Chloride, Silica, DMDM Hydantoin, and Iron Oxides (CI 77489).

How do I order my KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers?

Placing your order with LéLuna is fairly easy and fast. To get started, simply click on “Add to Basket” option and proceed as directed. What’s more, if you place your order or KeraFiber Hair Building Fibers with us before 4pm on any working day, you can benefit from our next day delivery offer!

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