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A real breakthrough in the world of haircare, Inverse is the world's first ice conditioner and is designed as a unique way to help restore your hair's natural beauty. By harnessing the power of ice, Inverse uses its patented Ice Core technology to bring moisture to the hair and aids in repairing it from damage done by heat and chemicals.
  • Designed to deeply nourish and lock in hydration
  • Award winning breakthrough design
  • Ideal for damaged, dry and brittle hair
  • With patented Ice Core technology
  • Free from chemicals and heat
  • For all hair types and textures
  • Handheld and cordless for use anywhere
With what our hair goes through on a daily basis, it's not a surprise that so many people are looking for ways to help restore the health of their hair. Thanks to the Inverse you can say goodbye to lengthy treatments and messy bottles and hello to effortless hydration! Discover the potential of ice and look forward to shinier, healthier-looking and more manageable hair with the award-winning Inverse!

The power of ice

We all know the tricky relationship we have between heat and our hair, but many don’t know about the loving relationship they could be having with their hair and ice! When using heat it can pull out moisture and cause the hair to become weak, brittle and lifeless. When using ice on the hair however, it can lock in much needed moisture to leave it looking beautifully shiny and feeling amazingly soft. What's more, unlike when lathering the hair with chemical conditioners that just conceal the dryness, using sub-zero temperatures allow moisture to be rapidly absorbed deep into the cuticles as well as close them to keep the moisture locked in for good. Hydration is the key to healthy and naturally beautiful looking hair so it's important to give it what it needs!

Inverse hair conditioning system

As the world's first ice conditioner, Inverse is a pioneering haircare tool inspired by the transformative power of ice. After extensive research into the sub-zero and the precise optimal temperatures for conditioning, Inverse created its Ice Cores using its top secret formulation found nowhere else. It then combined these with the award-winning design to create a handheld system specifically for conditioning and revitalising hair.

The Inverse works by using optimal sub-zero temperatures on the hair to help lock in moisture and restore its natural beauty. Without using heat or chemicals like conventional conditioners, this ingenious tool is a natural way to care for the hair deep down and is a perfect addition to any haircare routine.

Breakthrough award winning design

The creation of the Inverse has been an undisputed revolution in the world of haircare. Although it is relatively new, even in just the last few years it has won a number of awards for its innovative design in New Zealand and Australia and thanks to this popularity it is now reaching out to the UK and European market.

  • New Zealand Best Design Awards 2015 - Gold Pin Award
  • Australia's Good Design Awards 2016 - Award for Product Design in Sport & Lifestyle
  • New Zealand Plastics Industry Design Awards 2016 - Gold in the Personal Care Products category; Silver in Tool Making

What’s included

Ice Cores – Filled with the specially formulated Ice Core technology solution, these hold the optimum sub-zero temperature and is where the magic happens.

Body – The Ice Cores easily slide into the handle to protect your hands from the cold while the locator magnets hold them in place. It is also cordless so can be used anywhere - even in the shower!

Carry Bag – Included for convenience when storing or travelling with your Inverse and to keep it safe and protected.

User Guide – A handy and easy to read guide that contains all you will need to know about the Inverse hair conditioning system.

How to use

  • Place the ice cores in the freezer for at least 2-4 hours to freeze
  • Slide the ice cores into the handle, allowing the magnets to lock them place
  • Glide the Inverse through sections of hair (don’t clamp down too hard, they’re not straighteners!)
  • The ice cores will stay at optimum sub-zero temperatures for up to 30 minutes

For best conditioning results we suggest using on wet or damp hair 2-3 times a week, however it can also be used on dry hair to lock in a style and add extra smoothness and shine. The Inverse hair conditioning system is designed to be an ongoing addition to your haircare routine to help maintain beautiful looking hair, so we suggest using regularly a few times a week. As it is designed to help restore your hair instead of damaging like with straighteners it can even be used everyday if you prefer. How you use your inverse is completely up to you, your hair and your routine. The great thing about the inverse is that it has been designed to cater to this and is flexible with its usage. You can use it on hair that is dry, wet, styled, curly, dyed - all types of hair!

Tips and tricks

When using your Inverse, remember that although it looks similar to a straightener, it isn’t and it is not designed to straighten your hair but instead help to condition and nourish it. It can be used alongside a straighter or other styling devices as with regular use it can help to make the hair more manageable and when used after a device it can help to set the style and add shine. It can even be used to help bring life back into extensions or wigs and is perfect to help with knotty hair. If you find your hair is sometimes sticking to the plates when you first use the Inverse, then you could try waiting 2-3 minutes before using when you take it out the freezer. Try also doing quick glides through the hair rather than clamping down firmly like with straighteners.

Caring for your Inverse

Just like your hair, your Inverse also needs looking after! Do not bend, modify or pull apart your Inverse and stop use immediately if it becomes cracked, damaged or leaking. If you need to clean your device, we suggest using a non-abrasive cleanser so as not to scratch it. As it is not an electrical device you can submerge it in water if needed. To store your inverse you have two options - you can either keep it laid flat in the freezer (the body can go in the freezer as well as the Ice Cores if you wish) or keep it safely out of the way of direct sunlight in the carry bag that is provided.