How to make perfume last longer

There are very few things that are as satisfying as that spritz of cologne or perfume at the start of your day. It’s the finishing touch that makes you feel and smell excellent, and will continue to do so throughout the day, whenever you catch a whiff of your signature scent. The downside, however, is that the scent is fleeting; it doesn’t always last as long as you want it to, and you can find that by the end of the day, all that’s left is a sad trace of what once was. It sounds like it’s time to learn a thing or two about how to make perfume last longer.

Tip #1: Apply on clean skin

Before you apply a scent, you need a clean slate. Yes, literally. Ideally, you should put it on after you step out of the shower. There are multiple reasons for this – first, your pores are open, so the perfume has a better chance of seeping into your skin and lasting much longer throughout the day. Second, your skin hasn’t had time to produce any oils or sweat, so it’s easier for the scent to “stick” to your skin and linger without breaking down. Third, the scent has time to dry down, settle, and develop. The same scent will smell differently on every single person, so the perfume won’t smell the same when you first apply it and 15 minutes later.

Tip #2: Moisturize your skin

Dry, parched, cracked, or otherwise flaky skin isn’t a good base for any kind of product, including perfume or cologne. The reason for that is that it has difficulty absorbing perfume, water, moisturizer, etc. Plus, certain moisturizers will actually act as a moisture barrier and “trap” the moisture and in this case, the scent in your skin. It is recommended to do it after you shower, in order to avoid your skin becoming dry or dehydrated.

Tip #3: Try to avoid sweating or exposing yourself to other strong scents

Sweat will evaporate and wash away the fragrance on your skin, as well as alter its scent, because your natural scent comes into play and mixes with your perfume. The result is rarely appealing. The scent can also be overpowered by other stronger scents, like fried oil or food, gasoline, cigarette smoke etc. Do your best to avoid cooking or engaging in activities that would put you in an environment with a strong smell, because it will drown out your beautiful scent and limit its wear time.

Tip #4: Invest in better perfume

Some things are worth paying for, and your everyday scent is one of them. Cheap perfume can be tempting, because it smells just as good, and “designer” fragrance can be hard on the ol’ purse strings. However, there’s a reason why it’s higher in price, and it’s not just for the brand name and the design on the bottle. High-quality cologne or perfume is much more complex and has better ingredients, so the lasting power is much better than on regular fragrances. It’s not something you can necessarily detect on first whiff, but it is something that becomes apparent once you start using it.

Tip #5: Layer your scent

When considering how to make perfume last longer, scent layering is best, and it can work in two ways: either you use a shower gel and/or lotion in the same scent and range (most brand name fragrances have sets like this), or you can layer different perfumes together. Now, the former is much easier than the latter, and pretty much fool-proof. It works if you really love your scent and want it to last longer on your skin. The second option is for “advanced” users, who aren’t afraid to cocktail their scents and create a new one.

Tip #6: Use solid perfume

Did you know that solid perfume is an option? While scents usually come in liquid form, some brands have solid perfumes that are like a differently textured lotion, essentially. You pick up the perfume on your fingers and rub them in the spots where you want your perfume. This isn’t as convenient as just spritzing it, but much less of it gets wasted, because you’re not spritzing it into the air, so it all ends up on your skin. In addition, it also comes in tiny containers that make for easy reapplication.

Tip #7: Spritz your scent on pulse points on your body

You probably already knew this one, but one of the best tips on how to make perfume last longer is to apply it in pulsating areas on your body, such as the nape of your neck, behind your knees, inside your elbows, or on your wrists. That’s because every time the area pulsates, it “refreshes” the scent, which is momentarily more intense with every pulse. You don’t need to apply a lot, just a little bit, and your body heat and pulse will do all the work for you.

Tip #8: Keep your perfume or cologne bottle in a dry, dark, cool place

One thing that can lead to the deterioration of the quality of your fragrance is improper storage. Perfume bottles should always be kept in a dark, cool and dry place; that means the bathroom is the worst place to keep your perfumes. The warmer it is, the quicker the perfume will evaporate and the scent will break down and become altered. It won’t smell the same and it won’t last as long in the bottle, nor on the skin, so take proper care of your bottles.

Tip #9: Don’t touch or rub the perfumed areas

It goes without saying that touching, rubbing, or wiping the area where you applied your perfume will affect its wear time. That’s actually a mistake a lot of people make – rubbing their wrists together after applying perfume. All that does is break down the perfume molecules and ruin the fragrance and you’ll only be left with the alcohol and an altered scent. Once you’ve applied it, allow it to dry and settle and then leave it alone as much as possible.

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