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How to Blow Dry Like a Pro According to Hair Length

How fancy does it feel when you walk out of the salon with bouncy, beautiful hair just pampered with an extended blow dry session? We know the feeling pretty well yet often step back from making blow dry an every day hair care routine because it makes a big hole in your pocket. It’s time consuming and could damage your hair because the salon hair products may not be trustworthy. What’s the remedy?

Well, have you ever thought of a blow dry at home? Blow dry implies, using the right device and brushes to dry your hair after a hair wash, it is completely possible at home if you have the right amenities. You can do it yourself with little patience and time, for two key benefits – stylist quality hair and also, healthier hair.

Without further thoughts, follow these simple steps to do your next blow dry session at home. Pick a good blow dryer like ghd Hair Dryer with some ceramic flat or round brushes for a successful blow dry at home.

woman holding hair dryer

Blow dry techniques for short hair

Just because your hair is short, don’t just let it dry naturally. A blow dry at times is a good for your hair to make it bouncy and noticeable. To blow dry your short hair at home, you just need the right hair care essentials.

Heat protectant is a must

When planning for blow dry at home, you have to use a heat protectant. Heat protectants are can be in the form of serums, sprays or leave-in conditioner. Apply it to damp hair from roots to tips.

Manage your hair

Just because your hair is short, you cannot expect a salon quality blow dry to happen in minutes. It is important to prep your hair before blow drying it. Start with simple air-drying, then the heat protectant and then section it. Fix each section with a hair clip before you start blow drying.

Blow drying short hair

Start from the back if you have short hair. Use a flat hair brush and the ghd Hair Dryer together. The back hair should be swept down towards the neck direction. From the back, move to the sides and repeat.

Managing the front of short hair

At the front, blow dry the bangs first. Unclip all parts of your hair and double check if the blow dry is done on all sides and your hair is all set. To long last your blow dry on short hair, you can apply a hair wax at the end.

woman blow drying hair

Blow dry techniques for medium length hair

The frizzy dull medium length hair that you are not very impressed with can be given an awesome makeover with a blow dry session at home. You will need a volumising foam, ghd Hair Dryer , heat-protectant and hair brush. Pick a flat brush for straightened hair or a big round brush for some curls at the end.

Apply the hair products

At first, you have to apply two of the hair products to your medium length hair. At the roots or scalp, apply the volumising foam and at the tip and at the ends a bit of the heat-protectant like serums, sprays or leave-in conditioner.

Blow your bangs

Those with medium length hair should start blow drying from the front bangs. Hold them straight from your forehead with the brush and blow dry. Use the nozzle of the ghd Hair Dryer at your bangs only. Keep the remaining hair clipped at this time.

Sides and back

Once done with your hair bangs, move to the sides and back of your hair. These areas take a little time to dry. Use the nozzle of ghd Hair Dryer to aim at the strands and quicken the process. Use your brush to pull and smooth out all the hair and then apply the blow dryer to dry completely.

Top of medium length hair

Blow drying the top of medium length hair is a challenge. By now your rest of the hair is almost done and you need to do this part attentively. Pull out the hair straight up with the brush. You can do this in one go. If you want a bounce here, just make sure the dryer is also facing upwards.

woman using hair dryer

Blow dry techniques for long hair

Blow drying long hair alone at home might seem impossible. Yet, you can do that if you know the right tricks and methods to blow drying long hair. To blow dry long hair at home, you will need the ghd Hair Dryer,, lots of hair clips, serum, ceramic round hair brush and texturising spray.

Prep your long hair

If you can prepare your hair the right way for the blow dry, then the after-effects will be better. In preparing, you have to ensure that the hair is damp but not completely wet. Apply the serum in small sections all over to ensure your hair is free of knots and tangles. Lastly, the texturising spray is important to make the hair manageable during the blow dry session.

Section your hair

This may sound simple but if you go wrong in this first step, your entire blow dry will be in a mess. Take small sections of your hair and fix each with hair clips. Open take out the ones you will blow dry. This will ensure that your entire hair is well dried by the time you get to the top.

Start from the back

It’s the fine hair around your shoulder that is least taken care of, start your blow dry from these. Take small sections of the hair and move the brush and ghd Hair Dryer simultaneously. You can gradually move up towards the crown.

Style the sides and ends

At the sides and ends of the hair, you can get some fancy curls while blow drying your long hair. Wrap each strand of hair around the ceramic brush and move towards the scalp. While opening your wrapped hair from the dryer, rotate your wrist holding the brush to get some curls. End this, by blow drying the scalp hair pulling it out straight and using the ghd Hair Dryer.

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